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How to Recover MS Office Password?

To protect your privacy and limit access to your sensitive data, Microsoft Office offers different types of protection. Without a password it is impossible to access to your sensitive and important information. What if you have lost your MS Office password or it is accidentally changed. Does it mean that the data stored in it is gone? (more…)

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How to Send Large Emails through Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook controls the business email market. In Microsoft Office market, Gartner Research has 94% share. Generally, business computer users use Outlook in order to handle their emails and file sending. As given Microsoft success, you may surprise to know that Outlook limits maximum file attachment size which you can send. (more…)

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Troubleshoot & Fix Driver Problems In Windows 7

Windows 7 has inbuilt driver support for several numbers of device driver, but there are various hardware devices that need extra drivers to work properly and hence, if a hardware that is installed in or attached to a PC is not working properly, then it’s often due to driver problem. (more…)

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How to manage passwords for Website and application?

If you are a regular internet user with lots of accounts in different websites then there are chances to forget your user IDs and passwords for all the websites.  If you are worried about forgetting your user IDs and passwords then you must need a powerful password manager that can easily manage your ID s and passwords on your behalf. (more…)

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How to Clean Up your Mac PCs ?

To clean up your Mac computer system there are many tools are available in the market but the best Mac pc cleaner and error fixer tool is Tidy Up Mac PC cleaner and error fixer tool. This tool is specially design to clean up your Mac computer system and fix all the errors that appears due to the hard disk cleaning problems.

This tool is designed with latest technology and offers you very powerful features. It is one of the best PC cleaner tool that remove all duplicate contents or file from the Mac systems and tidy up your computer hard-disk. This tool will helps you to scan and recognize duplicate content with various options such as extension, type, name, time created, label, date, and so on.


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How to Use Phone sheriff, and What are License Options?

Phone sheriff is a mobile spy tool, it is the best example of latest phone technology. This tool works like a mobile spy which provides the entire information of the tracked mobile to the user.

It is very useful tool for parents that want to track phone activity of their teenager children. It is actually parental control software which provides the total accessibility of their child’s phone. This tool is also very useful for the business owners because this tool can also have suitable license for business owners. It is a silent spy tool that works very silently and gives the total activity of the tracked mobile without giving any acknowledgment to the mobile user.


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Create a Copy of your Hard Drive with the Hard Drive Clonner

Creating a copy of data or making another copy of the Hard Disk is called Cloning. Cloning does not mean backup. To have a clone of the hard disk you should need a perfect copy of the entire data of the hard disk.

Cloning of hard disk means copying of bit by bit of data so we should get identically copies i.e identically same thing as on the original drive. This clone can be used in another PC and it will work the same as your old system which makes an ideal backup whenever the drive gets damaged or corrupted. (more…)

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