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Manage Windows Passwords!

When people are not habituated of the internet or when the internet was not so much used by people, at that time password play a small role in everyday life. Think about it: Except the Pin number of your ATM card, what else important password you need to remember?  (more…)

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How to Recover a Lost PST Password for Free?

MS Outlook is used for receiving confidential and business important mails thus PST password protection feature helps in adding data security to these important stuffs. It is different from other email client information as PST is the single file which stores the entire contacts, email messages, calendar entries, notes etc. Thus, it becomes convenient for users while accessing the data. You like to set password for avoiding external intrusion. Passwords are really necessary to protect an important PST files. (more…)

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Remove program easily and completely!

Some of the freeware application programs are very stubborn and refuses to uninstall normally. Many programs include it with their installation and uninstall option that it will get located either within the start menu shortcut on the desktop or within the programs folder. If the program refuses to uninstall normally then through simple steps you need to take to remove the application completely. (more…)

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Wipe iOS Data Permanently

If you want to sell your old iOS device and planning to buy new one then several people think this problem as lot of personal data and information is stored in the old device and you really don’t want anyone to gain access to those personal data since you don’t know in whose hand your device will go.  (more…)

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How to Remove PDF password?

One can find that a large number of documents files on the internet are saved as PDF format and why not PDF files is known as a universal format because it can be opened on various platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS device. (more…)

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How to speed up my computer

When the performance of your computer gets slow and you unable to execute any task due to slow performance of computer system. If such situation is occurring with you then don’t avoid this situation, because day by day the performance of your whole system gets down permanently. (more…)

Business Software

Cell Phone Tracking and Monitoring Software!

When you have your own business and own company, then you will be sure that those people who are working for you would give you a good value for money and also do the best for the company as well as for you. If you give your staff a cell phone which is bought and paid by the company, but you are worried about what your staff does on your Smartphone or they use for their personal use, often running up high bills to the company. (more…)

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Free Video Call Recorder for Skype

Skype is a powerful application through which one can do free video calling; it allows world’s chats on the computer system and mobile phones. This application has millions of user and it has many types of the user including commercial users, normal users. Almost organization use this application for video conferencing and meetings, it is very popular among the user because of its quality video/audio transferring mechanism. (more…)

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