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Remove Passwords from Any PDF File

Sometimes you might have found PDF file from the internet or sent by others. You can easily read the file by Adobe Reader but you might also find that some of the files are password protected and prevent you from copying, editing and printing it. (more…)

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How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Android

To import or export the phone's contacts from phones contacts to Microsoft Outlook for the devices that are based on Android Operating system. If you have hundreds of then you need to it manually one by one. It becomes worse if the contacts are more than a SIM card can hold so you just don’t need to put the SIM card to the Android phone for transferring contacts. So one of the easiest ways to do so is by synchronizing the contacts from Outlook to your Android phone. (more…)

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Unlock secure PDF!

PDF is a file format which is commonly used because it can be opened using number of different programs. However an individual does not have to download a special program to open up a PDF. This makes an ideal file for an individual to use to send information. It depends on you the fact which you can apply restrictions on PDF files that prevent people from being able to print, edit and copy the file that can be both good and bad thing. But what when you forget the password or not able to gain access to the password? There may be various reasons why you need to need to print, copy or edit PDF file and are not able to because you do not have the password. (more…)

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PDF Password Cracker!

One of the key features of a PDF document is the ability to protect its content by providing a password to it. This feature allows you to sent documents in a secure way through emails via internet without using any third party PDF encryption tool. (more…)

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How to remove PDF password on Mac?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format which is created by Adobe System for document exchange.  The PDF files are used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner that independent of application software, operating system, hardware. (more…)

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ITunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127)!

ITunes error 7 which is also known as Windows Error 127 is generally caused by corrupted registry entry or cause due to bad installation of iTunes or QuickTime that has been removed. Most of the errors are caused by uninstalling programs or installing the new ones and accidentally deleting the important files. (more…)

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How to convert PDF to PPT!

As we all know that PDF file is the best format which allows us to do a lot of things, such as making a presentation, creating novels, writing letters, etc but one of the most frustrating facts of PDF file is that it cannot be edited, copied or printed. (more…)

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Convert your PowerPoint files to PDF

powerpoint to pdf converterFrom the old methods of flip charts, cue cards and storyboards there is a merge of electronic systems which has developed an interactive means of communicating which has converted these interactive methods into the digital format. MS PowerPoint is one of them which help to create dynamic and more integrated presentations to communicate. It helps to constructs slide, customize elements to enhance the appearance of the presentation text. In the customize option you can get content animation, external graphical images, including video and audio capabilities. This application contains a great editable format but many people use it to put the presentation together. To archive the old presentation and slideshows for later use can easily done by converting them to PDF file format.    (more…)

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