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How To Create Flash Flipping Book From PDF?

PDF documents are basically used in digital life along with business area which includes PDF ebook, annual reports, advertising sheets etc. Generally, the multiple pages of PDF documents turn to next page vertically but there is a flipbook maker which will make the PDF pages flip over horizontally as it is a real paper book. However, the unique and realistic 3D page flipping book can bring a lot of joy to both the online use and offline reading. (more…)

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Recover Lost Contacts, Photos, Text Messages, iMessages After iOS 8 Update

Since the iOS 8 update is available, therefore every iPhone Apple users is updating their devices operating system to the latest version that is iOS 8. However, accident occurs such as loss of data at the time of updating to iOS 8. The data lost during update are contacts, text messages, imessages, etc. And thus at such time you may look for the solution that – Is there any way to recover iPhone data after update?


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Recover Deleted Data From iPad Air – iPad Air Data Recovery!

iPad devices are cool and popular and the latest model of iPad is iPad Air is even cooler. The iPad Air is the slimmest than the other generation and it comes with A7 Processor, which help it is running faster and smoother. There are many Apple fans out there those who had purchased this iPad Air for their requirement or for enjoyment. The user experience of iPad Air is far beyond the comparison, however it still difficult to handle for the green hands. (more…)

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How To Fix Runtime Error R6016 On Windows 8

Runtime error R6016 on windows system is one of the irritating error message, that appears frequently so user gets unable to operate their system properly. The main cause of this error is a malware or virus infected application program, this error also appears due to the lack of system memory. There are many other causes available due to that runtime errors appear.      (more…)

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5 Reasons why you need to use a Password Manager!

How to manage password this is the common question that comes to every user's mind. Many internet users make fun of the idea of using the password manager for creating, storing and utilizing their passwords. They feel that is complicated to use, it is not secure and they will make harder than they have to be. The truth of this matter is password managers which is one of the best ways for creating, storing backups and manage passwords on the web. (more…)

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How to Uninstall Old and Unwanted Drivers in Windows 8

If you have installed any devices in your Windows computer, you will require a driver for that devices to work properly. The issue with this is that as time passes, your computer will get bogged down with several of unwanted drivers that have been installed earlier, which ultimately may be the reason for odd behavior in your PC.  (more…)

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Windows 8 C++ Runtime Error on Advanced Startup/Restart!

App packages contain fully contained a self-sufficient unit of deployment that contains all the binaries, resources, assets etc. of your app. But there are some dependencies of external components such as the C++ Runtime DLLs. In order to provide functionality, there is a special package called C++ Runtime Package(more…)

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Convert HTML File to MS Excel — HTML to EXCEL Converter

HTML or Hypertext markup Language is used in the creation of WebPages while designing websites programmer place the data by the help of coding. They insert any excel file into the webpage by the help of programming or some time they use a snap shot of excel file to insert into any page. But generally through coding, a table is created in the websites. (more…)

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