System Utility

Tips For Fixing Common Driver Problems

Most of the hardware devices installed or attached with your computer need a special drivers to work properly. Hardware and device need drivers to work properly on a computer. In case if the hardware device fails to work properly after attached or installed to your computer then it can be, mostly due to the driver problem. (more…)

System Utility

Unlock Your Password Protected PDF Files!

PDF file is a universal file format because it can be opened in various devices like Smartphones, tablets, etc. Therefore this compatibility features make it ideal files for any users to send information. You can also lock your PDF files that will avoid people from being able to copy, edit and print the files. But this feature can be both a good and bad for you. What if you forget the password or you are not able to retrieve password? There may be several reasons why you need to edit, print or copy a PDF file but you are not able to as you do not have password.


Converter & Ripper

Convert Any Homemade DVD to AVI video File Format

You have huge collection of homemade DVD or camcorder DVD movies but still you cannot enjoy it on your favorite media player then it gonna be of no use. What’s the use of keeping the video which you cannot enjoy in your device? But now you need not to worry as you have Total Media Converter that is capable of converting the Homemade DVD to AVI video File Format. This professional video converter helps you to convert the DVD video to any popular video format. (more…)

Security Software

How to fix USBVideo.sys Error?

Usbvideo.sys is provided by the Microsoft as an AVStream mini-driver which offers driver support for USB class (UVC) drives which contain webcam or digital camcorder. If your device is UVC enabled then you need not prepare own driver. By default, the device works with system built-in driver automatically. (more…)

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