Repair n Recovery

Best Way to Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone

Have you accidentally deleted videos from your iPhone and now you want to recover them in all possible manners you can? Are you looking for the solution to get all the deleted videos back on your iPhone?” If answers to all these questions are yes then please go through below post to know the solution. (more…)

Office Utility

How To Create E-Books From Microsoft Word

Publishing e-book can give more value to your existing clients and can even attract new clients. There are two formats used for e-book readers: MOBI and EPUB. Other e-book readers use the EPUB format but Amazon Kindle uses MOBI format with AZW file extension. These eBooks can also be produced as PDF files that are readable on most readers. (more…)

Multimedia Software

How To Convert PDF To Flash Magazine

Flash Magazine is also a type of electronic magazine. It empowers you the ability to print the content of the magazine in digital format. You can convert a PDF file to a flash Magazine easily and distribute your publication online. The importance of publishing your content is that it attracts new readers and you can also advertise to maximize your revenue. (more…)

Security Software

Best Ways To Secure Your Passwords Online

From the perspective of being safe online, password is the foremost defensive tool against cyber criminals. Picking up strong passwords for each of your important accounts is not that easy and password is worth to be updated regularly. In order to create strong passwords follow the steps below. (more…)

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