5 New Ways to Speed Up Your Mac


User who are using Mac system they might have noticed the performance of their system before and after. So here you have something that going to help you to speed up your Mac.

Speed Up Your Mac:

1. Check App Store for software update and restart

For some of us it can be like pain to update your software ort restart your system every time. Ofcourse it is not possible; to close the lid of your Mac and sent them to sleep. Closing your existing windows and then restarting your system is quite a hard task. But you should remember one thing that for the health of your Mac you need to keep your Mac up-to-dated and restart your Mac every few days.

2. Reset Safari Cache

Every time you visit a website it keeps an image and other site details to allow it to load faster the next time you visit? These site files are quickly added up and slow the system down. So you need to clear the Cache by choosing Safari > Reset Safari. You can even perform this action by clicking Safari > Preferences > Privacy and then hit on “Remove Website Data.” You need not store thousand of cookies and other files locally. So ensure it to clean regularly.

3. Clear your desktop

The harmless thumbnails of your photos, screen shots, and downloaded files are not so harmless but you should clear them from your desktop as soon as possible.  The reason is that every time you load up your desktop it uses some system memory or RAM to get loaded. And when you got a lot of them it take time and slow down your Mac.

4. Remove Duplicate Photos and other Files

It is not a surprising thing that duplicate photos or files are menace. Every time you dump your memory attach in your system, you add number of files which when left at default large sizes take big space on your hard drive. To its worthwhile to use external hard drive or cloud service to clean out the duplicate photos, music, video, language files, and folders in one step. You can do it manually or use a TidyUp Mac Software.

5. Monitor Start-Up Items

Everyone loves the shiny icons in dock, or the task bar expect when they are moving up and down. The issue with these running programs is that every time you start your Mac it controls your system resources. Unless you are using the program you boot up and doesn’t need it start running automatically. Move to System Preferences > Accounts > Login and then click on ‘subtract’ button to remove programs which you don’t need.

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You got another easy way to speed up your Mc system. Manual steps are quite lengthy and painful so you can use TidyUp Mac Software to clean and speed up your system. It keep your System’s drives clean and tidy, removes duplicate content, make hard drive error free as well as clean hard drive space. It’s quite amazing when you make your work done by a software. It takes care of your system more than you.