How to manage password this is the common question that comes to every user’s mind. Many internet users make fun of the idea of using the password manager for creating, storing and utilizing their passwords. They feel that is complicated to use, it is not secure and they will make harder than they have to be. The truth of this matter is password managers which is one of the best ways for creating, storing backups and manage passwords on the web.

1: Never Type a Password Again

If you don’t have any system in place to manage passwords then you need to type them into the fields which can be challenging, if you are not sure that the password is for the site that you are visiting. But with the help of the password manager, you can copy and paste passwords and even drag them into fields. You can do the same things with your usernames too. This makes the storing of multiple accounts into a single web site easier for users.

2: Creates Secure Password

Most of the password managers allow the users to create complicated passwords which are needed for the online use. You should never use the same password across multiple sites this makes the use the use of password manager more efficient. Some of the password managers auto-generate passwords features create new entries.

3: Easy to Use Backup

Password manager gives new ways to organize passwords. It even allows you to backup, export and import password database which means if you want to restore your computer, it gets damaged or you can buy a new one, you can bring the password database backup with you and still get access to all your passwords. You can even save your password in the database.

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4: Find and Organize Passwords Quickly

Password managers allow you to create groups of the password which make it quicker and easier to find and organize your passwords. Let’s say that you have five Google accounts for work and play for which you can create a single group for storing all your Google passwords. This makes it easier to find the password that you need. Some of the password managers even allow you to search for specific usernames, web site and other information related to password.

5: Access Password Anywhere You Go

Many of the password managers exhibit multiple forms which mean that you may use a password manager on your desktop PC, tablet and even with your mobile phone with the help of apps. But not all the password managers use apps and if in case they use it the password manager then it will take use of clouds.

When you will create your password database then you can save the database itself on the cloud. But once there is your password manager you can open the database from the cloud service such as Google Drive that helps you to access apart from what you are using on your PC.

How to Manage Password

When you install the software, on tip of your browser


Then Login as usual.


Then this Software automatically prompts you for saving your login.


Then when you try to login again then select the login from Password Manager dropdown menu.


Password Manager from the saved website, then enter your saved user name and password.


If you are on the website then it will automatically fill the save your username and password.




If you still think that the password manager is of no use then you need to consider the following: Most of the internet users at some point on the Web will have password fall into the hands of hackers.  Do you need one of such web users or do you want to do everything in your power to avoid it? You can do it with the password manager!

One of such password manager is Roboform Password Manager. It is automated password manager and form filler. It is the best tool that gives assistance to internet users to save their time and make your life easier. It is a leading password management application that helps you to enhance your internet experience by bookmarking sites and entering a previously saved password.

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