PDF is a Portable Document Format which is portable and Operating System/machine independent. It means you don’t need to worry about the operating system, a PDF file is accepted at every platform.  

It is universally accepted and presented around the world. It is a huge benefit of using it for business and personal life. These files can be easily opened in any language which is not available in any other documents.

These files can be created with various security features, it can be created as an encrypted file and secured with a password and also with an electronic certificate. It is packed with a very significant feature that denies printing and copying file, prevents pages from being removed, and allow or prevent someone to change or edit the document.

PDF file allows a person to sign the document while preventing them from changing the content. All such features signify that this file provides an easy way to share documents but still in control.

But sometimes it becomes necessary to edit a PDF File, and here comes the PDF Editor. There are various types of PDF editors are available but you should go with a professional one.

Go with the PDF editor and you can easily edit your PDF document without losing a bit of quality. It is the solution for viewing/printing and editing related documents. With this one can view, manipulate, navigate, mark-up and save these files without changing the integrity of the original documents.

The editor allows full editing of documents without the needs of external applications. While other editors are limited to specific objects editing or apply many kind of limitations on editing, but this useful application will allow modifying any object with its unique interface and functionality. This PDF metadata plus bookmarks editor can be executed from the command line, you can use it to update information in multiple PDF files in a batch.

It can convert almost any PDF file, it means you don’t need to worry about the size of a PDF file. This advance PDF editor is able to deal with any size of PDF file.

This editor is supported by every popular reader app such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader. In order to increase speed of workflow, it import data in a required form that also decrease input error, and export data from PDF to required format files that is easily distributed and reported. These are the benefits of using a PDF file as well as using a PDF editor. By the help of this one can do his/her work effectively and efficiently.

If you are unable to edit any PDF file because of the password protection then first you need to use PDF Password Remover. This will help you to deal with different password protection scenarios like password forgot issue, encrypted PDF file, and more.

How to Edit PDF Documents(User Guide)

Step 1: Select the “Edit” button on the left side and click the text to start editing by typing new text and deleting text. You will find two modes there to edit the text: “Paragraph Mode” and “Line Mode”. Paragraph Mode is used when the whole text will appear in one complete block and Line Mode will be used when each line of the text will be a separate block.

Step 2: Click the “Edit” then “Add Text” button to add new text on the position that you want. Choosing the text will allow you to change its font, font size, bold, italic and color, etc, as you want.

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