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How to edit a PDF file on Mac?

PDF is an editable piece of paper that exists on your computer. We can easily read it but we are unable to edit them.  So can we edit PDF files? Earlier it was impossible but now we can easily edit PDF file. If you need a PDF editor for Mac then you are at right place. Earlier it was hard for Mac user to make changes in their PDF files or Documents.  (more…)

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Convert, Edit and Create PDF Forms and Documents in Simple Steps

PDF is a Portable Document Format file, which is used represents the printed document as an electronic image that can navigate, view, print or send to someone. It is easily readable as compared to the word document. When it comes to making changes in the document, it is not easy at all and it can be expensive too. An editor is a great option which is easy and affordable. It allows editing in a way as it is done in a word document.


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How to Monitor Cell phone Activity of your Teenager Child?

Now it is very easy to track the cell phone activity of your teenager child. You can easily monitor and access cell phone, tablet and smart phones. To track any cell phone device you can use Phone sheriff tool because this tool can give you the full control of tracked cell phone. This kind of monitoring tool is cost effective and very efficient way to monitor or track cell phone device of your child and employees. (more…)

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How to Remove Oversized PST File Issues?

Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier versions limit the size of Personal Folders file to 2GB. Whenever the PST file exceeds that limit, you will not be able to open or load any more data in it. This is called oversized PST file problem. Outlook has no built in way to rescue the oversized PST file that is inaccessible. But Microsoft provides an external tool pst2gb as a makeshift which can restore the file to usable status. But this tool fails for some cases in restoring the oversize files. (more…)

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Cell Monitoring Software phone sheriff Review

It is highly marked by a person that after a long- last journey one could cheat one or the other as it could be your friend, younger brother or sister when they use to lie for some or the other kinds of stuff, your close friend or any thief or any such person via vice versa where you could be cheated anywhere and anytime. This software is made for you to help you and to sort out your problems instantly. (more…)

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How to Recover the Encrypted PST Password?

MS Outlook created by Microsoft as a member of Microsoft Office suite. PST (Personal Storage Table) file format also known as Personal Address Book (.pab) or Personal Folder File. It is used by the MS outlook to store notes, emails, calendars etc. It’s great to secure your PST file with a password unless you do tend to forget PST password. Fortunately, the password encryption for PST file is not strong that means it can be easily hacked. (more…)

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Outlook PST Repair for corrupt PST!

There are lots of people in the whole world who totally rely on Microsoft Outlook for their work such as keeping notes, managing emails, scheduling tasks etc and much more because Microsoft Outlook has the ability to store all the above information in the single file which is known as PST or Personal Storage Table file. (more…)

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How to Protect PDF Files with Password

When you are about to send any kind of sensitive data through any link such as e-mail through PDF files you have to make sure to protect your password protect or to encrypt that available information. Though this could be done in Adobe Acrobat, still you can follow these simple Read more…

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