Best Tool to remove burden from extending PST file!

repair-PST-filesThe most irritating part of any Outlook PST file is the size which matters a lot and there are many Outlook users who come across this problem. The oversized PST file may cause many serious hampers like data corruption and also it will damage your work to a large extent. If users ignore this type of issues then it will hamper your work a lot and you will face problem after problem. You should solve out this problem as soon as possible so that you don’t face any more issues further otherwise your PST can get locked and with this problem, you will face issues in sending or receiving mails and other important work.

To overcome all such problems, it is seen quite instant that users prefer to curtail the size of PST files either by splitting them or by archiving. By doing this, it will decrease the size of the PST file by dividing it into multiple smaller parts. Although, the solution seems soothing, it has many consequences as well.

  •  Multiple PST files get created within account
  •  Searching multiple PST files become complicated
  •  Managing multiple PST files become complicated


Instead of creating multiple smaller PST files in Outlook, you can try some other way by removing attachments from Microsoft Outlook. By doing this, you can extract all the attachment within every email of your PST files in Outlook. Once you do all these, it cannot backup all the attachments data but also your PST file size gets lesser. The process to remove attachments from Outlook is not so complicated because there are many times that attachments are detached from any mail. You have to be alert when you select the solution to split Outlook PST file.

To remove the burden from extending PST file, you can take the help of some software which will help you to split the files. You can use PST Splitter software splits the PST file without causing any loss to the data. For running this software, users don’t’ require any technical knowledge. The best thing about this application is that it helps to attain PST but it also avoids corruption after splitting or even before its occurrence and also provides guarantees of data security. There are many tools which are available in market and it helps to make users their PST more manageable by allowing them to split in different ways.

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