Best way to Manage All Your Passwords


Password is the only way to keep your things secure whether the privacy is provided to store the content in laptop or smartphones or it is related to any social media accounts. It is a primary way to keep the things private. Nowadays, a serious war was ragging between companies and hackers and you are trapped in the crossfire. You have to change your password every time, when a company gets hacked and it is better foryou if you don’t reuse your password somewhere else. You can only secure your stuff online by maintaining singular password for each and every site.

It is very common these days to create new accounts. When surfing on internet it feels like you have to create new accounts and each with different username and password. It is necessary for you to maintain different password for each account whether it is facebook, twitter or any social media accounts. It is an only ways to keep your stuff secure but sometimes it also becomes massive annoyance.

Nowadays, the cloud is essential for storing information about our personal and work lives like email, file backup etc. It is suitable and secure as long as you create a strong password and remember them all but it creates new risks such as the ability to expose some of your personal information to inquisitive eyes. A report of Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat claims that around 350 million identities were exposed in 2014 because of compromised websites or accounts.

Why use a Password Manager?

Secure online service generally becomes a full-fledged security failure with a simple mistake and that mistake is creating same password for different accounts. In a study of UK communications watchdog, it is found that more than 50 percents adults use similar passwords for most websites and for them, exposing one accounts exposes all of them because most hackers check for the stolen password work on the other sites or not. Password manager often lets you,

  1. Use complex and unique password that contains special characters or numbers.
  2. Create different password for each account.
  3. Change your password regularly.

Password manager protects you from fake emails because hackers usually send phishing mails to steal personal or financial details. It organizes your password and stored securely at one location.

Sticky Password Manager

Sticky password manager is one of the best personal password and form filling manager that manages your password from your browser and store it.  It automatically logs in your password protected sites and also integrates with your application and saves your password. You can use this application to remember your password. When you are creating more accounts for mails, for paying bills and to do other works, you create different and unique password and require a secure place to store this then you can use this tool to manage your entire password. It organizes and secures your password in one location and creates a master password.

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