Microsoft Office application has one of the best ways to prevent the document that is used in a professional sector. When your document is protected by a password then there is no chance that anyone can access that document without having the accurate password.

However, MS Office application is user-friendly along with some important features which help users to access the beneficial features of the application. When users forget the password of MS Office then it occurs as it is set in particular data so that it can prevent from external damage. In general when user lost their password and if it is important to open the document then it becomes essential to restore that password.

In general when user lost their password and if it is important to open the document then it becomes essential to restore that password from the system. Therefore you will be able to know about how to restore the lost password and how to use the MS Office Password recovery software to get back the lost data.

Causes Of Lost Password

There are several reasons for losing passwords. If you create too lengthy and complex password then it creates difficulty in remembering the password and when user format the entire system then it becomes difficult in restoring the data as the data is lost. Even sometimes, user forgets the password and while remembering, it becomes a headache to the user and at that moment, it becomes very essential to restore the lost password.

However, to save the password from any other hand, you have to use password protective option from the computer. Sometimes it generally creates problems when user doesn’t have the password and it becomes necessary to recover the password in MS Office. Here you have to make use of the third party tool so that you can get back the lost password in a short period of time.

Solution To Recover Forget Password Of MS Office

Recover Forget Password Of MS Office

So to get back the password, you should use MS Office Password recovery tool that will help you to retrieve the lost password from MS Office. With the use of this tool, you can easily recover any type of password from the computer like MS Word, Excel MS Access in very short time.

You can get much software in the market but all don’t have the capability to recover the lost password. This tool is very helpful in recovering lost or deleted password. You can retrieve long password as well as complex office password and this is very much user-friendly which helps user to get back the lost password in step by step procedure.

It instantly recovers the password and also supports all versions of windows which include Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007. Even MS Office Password recovery software helps to get out of critical issues that user comes across while they forget their password.

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Steps to recover the lost Office password

Step 1: Firstly it opens the document and let the programs for searching recent Office documents which has been opened by the computer. The documents it finds is get displayed at the alongside with the type and path of the document on the application window.


Step 2: Click on the list of documents for switching the password recovery mode. After this click on the Crack button on the toolbar and the next let the toolbar do the necessary things. After finishing off the whole process which takes few seconds for restoring all the passwords using corresponding links which is next to password box.


Microsoft Excel and Access may contain passwords for its individual worksheets and documents. This password recovery software displays the toolbar button in such a way that it can show the passwords too.

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