Outlook PST File is a personal folder file which contains the entire data with the rapid growth of personal information and communication. At times, you may require breaking or dividing an oversized PST file into multiple PST File as the overall size of these files is limited to 50GB from Outlook 2010 onwards. 

You need to divide an oversized PST file into multiple PST File is because it sometimes results in slowing down several operations. Large file size is not supported by Outlook versions so when it crosses the limit then it is not accepted thus the only option you have is to divide it into multiple files.

The one way with the help of which you can divide oversized PST file to multiple files is by using Archive feature in Outlook. When you will run this archive process multiple times, you will get new PST file each and every time. Thus, in order to solve the outlook PST oversize issue you are provided with excellent software which helps in breaking large files into small ones easily and quickly.

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PST Splitter is the most reliable and best software which is specially designed to break an oversized PST file to multiple PST files in a versatile manner by means of excellent processing method.

The best part of this software is that it helps in attaining PST files and avoids corruption issues after dividing. Due to oversize of PST file, at times it also leads to corruption problems thus using this application your oversized issue will be solved efficiently.  It provides you the excellent results and guarantees data security.

Steps to break or divide an Oversized PST File into Multiple PST File:

Step 1: The following split Outlook PST file screen will be shown. The one is for ‘Split Single File’ and other is ‘Split Multiple Files’. As per your requirement, select it.


Step 2: If you need to choose ‘Split Single File’ then selects the PST file by clicking on ‘Select PST File’ option. If PST file path is unknown to you then use ‘Find PST file’ option. Now, ‘Choose Destination’ interface in order to change the destination of the file. On selecting the source and destination file, you need to click on ‘Split PST File’ button.


Step 3: Now, define the criteria on the basis you need to divide your PST file. Choose from the option provided if you have chosen ‘select and split’ option then click ‘OK’.


Step 4: Then, scanning process starts. When scanning process is finished, the entire folder will be displayed. Choose the folder for splitting then press ‘OK’.

Step 5: Click on ‘Split by Time’ and ‘Split by Size’, if you want to divide multiple PST file. As soon as you select ‘Split by Time’ option, you will get a new screen.


Step 6: The splitted file will be stored in different folders then click on ‘Select Folder’ button, you will get a new dialog box in which you are able to select folder being stored in PST files. When finished selecting, it displays a new interface.


Step 7: All the selected files which you need to divide will be shown here. Specify the ‘destination path’, ‘start date’ and ‘end date’ of the file then choose the index number on ‘Apply Up-to Index Number’ column. When necessary changes are being made then click on ‘Next’ button.


Step 8: Now, choose ‘Split By Size’ option, you will get a interface. Then, select the ‘Select Folder’ option of application.


Step 9: After choosing the ‘Select Folder’ option, you will get a dialog box in which you can select the folder. All the PST files available in this folder will be shown. As per your requirement, select the file then make checkbox against that file and if you need to select all the files then choose ‘Select All’ option. On finished selecting, click on ‘Next’ button.


Step 10: You need to specify the criteria of every file and select the file for splitting. Individually, specify the destination size and path of every file from the respective columns. When finished making necessary changes, click on ‘Next’. A folder is created with the destination name and mail id PST file. After completing the whole process, specify the path where you need to save the broken or divided PST file.


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