How to Burn HD Video to Blu-ray Disc

blu-ray-discEveryone likes to watch video in full clarity and only HD videos give you full clarity. No matter from where you have bought HD videos from Amazon or iTunes. In now a day people have HD camcorder to record their memorable times in HD files. But what do you do with those HD videos? You simply save them in your pc. Later you remove those video from your pc as the size of the videos are large and it makes your pc slow.

HD videos provide huge file size and clear image quality. If you don’t want to compromise with picture clarity and want to reduce file size then for you best option is to burn them to a Blu-ray disc has huge ability as compared to DVD disc that makes it a superior place to save your HD videos. We will suggest for Blu-ray creator to burn HD videos to Blu-ray disc without losing any quality.

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Here is the detailed instruction.

1. Firstly you need to download and begin Blu-ray creator on your pc.

Burn HD Video to Blu-ray Disc2. Next you need attach Blu-ray drive to your pc. Place in a blank Blu-ray disc to the BD drive.

3. Select Add Files and allow HD video to load to the program.

Burn HD Video to Blu-ray Disc

4. Have a view on video file and select Audio Track or Subtitle. Click your chosen audio track and subtitle. Or it will be simpler for you to directly select from main interface.

Burn HD Video to Blu-ray Disc

5. Select the left or right arrow to pick your favorite menu subject.

Burn HD Video to Blu-ray Disc

6. Select the Convert button to start burning.

Note: Blu-ray creating process can take more time than DVD creating, as you know HD video has huge file size. You have to be patient till it gets completed. Once it is completed you can enjoy youe HD videos on Blu-ray player.