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How to Remove PDF Password Security?

When you create the PDF document you definitely want to protect your files with password protection. Adobe Acrobat offers its users with password protection to its documents. To ensure the PDF document is safe you may often protect it with a password after creating it as it helps to prevent unauthorized access to the documents. (more…)

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How to monitor employees’ computer!

Do you know what your employees are doing on the computer in your absence? They must be playing games or watching YouTube video or reading news. It could be worst; they can ruin your company in term so financial.

In this blog, I will show you how to monitor your employees’ computer and about internet use or anything which they do on their computer. (more…)

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Computer Monitoring Software for Windows

The Internet provides you with full entertainment and educational content and activities for children to take part. With growing kids, parents should keep their teens and young kids safe on the internet from online dangers. Some of the online dangers that may get the teens and young make kids get into deep trouble are (more…)

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How to Tap a Cell Phone?

If you don’t trust your near and dear ones and think they might be hiding the truth from you. Then you can spy on these persons who are hiding the truth from you and you can know that. Now –a –days you can easily know the truth by tapping their cell phones. Tapping is a procedure by which you can listen or scout the discussion or chat of the spied person. (more…)

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How to silently monitor child or employee’s Smartphone activity?

Firstly, when you gift any Smartphone like android mobile, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows operating mobile to your children. For children, it is the most exciting and thrilling to have one of the best mobiles. For you, it becomes little nervous with what your children are going to do or what type of content he or she is going to access with that Smartphone. There are many ways by which your children can go in the wrong direction using Smartphones. (more…)

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How to Use Phone sheriff, and What are License Options?

Phone sheriff is a mobile spy tool, it is the best example of latest phone technology. This tool works like a mobile spy which provides the entire information of the tracked mobile to the user.

It is very useful tool for parents that want to track phone activity of their teenager children. It is actually parental control software which provides the total accessibility of their child’s phone. This tool is also very useful for the business owners because this tool can also have suitable license for business owners. It is a silent spy tool that works very silently and gives the total activity of the tracked mobile without giving any acknowledgment to the mobile user.


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