When you have your own business and own company, then you will be sure that those people who are working for you would give you a good value for money and also do the best for the company as well as for you. If you give your staff a cell phone which is bought and paid by the company, but you are worried about what your staff does on your Smartphone or they use for their personal use, often running up high bills to the company.

But there is nothing to worry because there is a way in which you can curb the personal use of a company cell phone. This is by installing an application that will allow you to monitor all the cell phones which your business provides you your workforce.

You can use Mobile Spy software which keeps records of your activities, GPS location, log details that instantly get uploaded to your mobile spy account that you have created. This is the latest Smartphone security and they have great features which totally allow you to keep track of the kinds of usage that your staff may be using their company Smartphone for.

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The important thing of this software is that it can allow you to keep track of the incoming and also the outgoing calls of the phone. By this way, you will have all the data and you never have to face any staff who you suspect of abusing the bounty of the company.

After a quick install and setup, you will be able to view the entire Facebook messenger, text messages, GPS locations, YouTube videos, and photos were taken and much more. The GPS signal is to track the position and movements of the phone so that you can be able to know where your staffs are when they are out of office during business hours.

By using this software, you can be able to stop the possibility of your staff using business hours to go on a secret shopping when they should working. The optional live control panel allows for cell phone monitoring in real time which allows you to view the phone’s screen live and can get instant GPS location. Some other features are:

  • Monitoring multiple phones
  • Complete information of SMS text messages
  • Views apps installed on the cell phone
  • View web history
  • Can keep track of websites visited
  • Blocking applications
  • View contacts, tasks and calendar events

After using monitoring software to keep track of your staff, you learn the truth about their cell phones activities. If you are concerned about the legality of this software downloaded onto your cell phones, then in order to be sure you will not fail to the law. This will be the best idea to warm your staffs that their cell phone use is being monitored by the company before handling the phone.

By this way, you will feel better with knowing that you are covered against any privacy issues. After this software is being installed on a cell phone, it instantly starts to record activities and send the data to the online control panel. If you want to see the recorded activities, then you have to log in to the online control panel from any computer which is connected to the internet.

Mobile Spy software is used for more than just recording cell phone activities. You can also easily use this to send commands in order to control it from a remote location. This can be used when your phone is stolen or you want to stop unwanted activity immediately. The commands can be sent from a cell phone by text messages or online control panel.

How to monitor Smartphones:


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