MS Outlook PST files or Personal storage table (.pst) files are used to store user’s Outlook data for POP3, IMAP and web-based mail accounts, including mail folders and items within the folders such as email attachments, contacts, to do items and appointment etc.

Almost all versions of Outlook support PST files and have a limited size for storing data in the database. So it is required that the PST files should maintain the file limit if you want to have good performance and reliability with Outlook email communication.

For reducing the size of the Outlook PST and to save the storage space on disk, you can perform a useful task from it. You can delete unwanted email messages but still, it occupies the disk space. You can set a rule that places emails in junk mail folder. The junk mail folder also engages disk space on the system.

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Delete the empty deleted items automatically:

Steps to empty deleted items each time you quit the program

  1. Go to Tools menu→ Then go to Options →then to other tab
  2. Then check the box for Empty the Deleted Items folder upon existing.
  3. Then save all the changes. Then exit and restart the Outlook before setting take place.


Warning while emptying automatically

While emptying the deleted items automatically Outlook can generate a warning message. If you do not need these warnings you can stop them. For this-

  1. Go to the Tools menu →then go to the Options →then to Other tab →then to Advanced Options button
  2. Here you have to uncheck the box for Warn before permanently deleted items.
  3. Then Click on OK button twice for saving the changes. After this exit and restart the Outlook.

The junk mails comprise of large space on the disk and so always try to get rid of them permanently. Although deleting single messages from the folder by selecting it and clicking the Delete button on the standard toolbar is very time-consuming.

You can set automatic delete option on so that it can clean up the junk emails and will be helpful for saving disk storage space. By changing the level of junk Email filters and settings you can automatically delete the junk E-mail folder.

Steps for changing the Junk Email filter settings

  1. Firstly click on the “Tools” menu and select the “Options” menu items.
  2. Then click on the “Preferences” tab and then click on the “Junk E-mail” within the “E-mail” area. Then select the area or level that you want to use.

If you receive large numbers of legitimate junk or spam emails then you can select the “Permanently delete suspected junk email” option. Then carefully select the option as this option helps you automatically delete the Junk Email folder.

In case if you lose your important emails from the Outlook while using these processes that you can take the help of the third party software Outlook PST Repair Tool for recover all your lost emails. This professional recovery software efficiently recovers all your lost, deleted or inaccessible Outlook emails.

Steps for Recovering Deleted Outlook Email

Step 1. Firstly run the recovery software program this attempt will open a window “Deleted email recovery”. Here you will be allowed to select either the “Outlook Express Email Recovery” or “Microsoft Outlook Email Recovery” you can choose the option as per your need.


Step 2. After this select the known location of DBX file and then click on the “Select DBX” option and then start the scanning process. If the location of the DBX file is unknown then you can find them by clicking on the “Find DBX” option. Then click on the “Recovery” button.


Step 3. After deleting the file you recovered will be listed all in the recovered items in a form of tree. The review of the process can be seen in the right pane. Then click on the “save” button for saving the recovered emails.


Step 4.The window of the software will offer you the choice of the destination path and the format (EML or DBX) for saving the recovered email.

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