How to Clean Up your Mac PCs ?

To clean up your Mac computer system there are many tools are available in the market but the best Mac pc cleaner and error fixer tool is Tidy Up Mac PC cleaner and error fixer tomac-cleanerol. This tool is specially design to clean up your Mac computer system and fix all the errors that appears due to the hard disk cleaning problems.

This tool is designed with latest technology and offers you very powerful features. It is one of the best PC cleaner tool that remove all duplicate contents or file from the Mac systems and tidy up your computer hard-disk. This tool will helps you to scan and recognize duplicate content with various options such as extension, type, name, time created, label, date, and so on.

By the help of this tool you can easily perform more than one job at the same time because it provides multitasking features to the user. This tool will helps you to improve the performance of your Mac computer, along with tidy up your computer hard disk this tool provides an inbuilt security option that keeps the copy of the content that has been deleted and makes you able to retrieve the accidently deleted data.

This tool can remove all the unnecessary, temporary and duplicate files from your Mac computer system and free the unnecessary occupied hard disk space. It provides graphical user interface so that it is very easy to use. It is very fast and efficient and it cleans your Mac system within a few minutes.


  • This tool can able to remove unwanted data files, duplicate data or files, Caches, unnecessary files and folders, System Logs and System Junks from your Mac computer system.
  • It can also uninstall unwanted application completely.
  • It shows the list preview of the files that are selected by this tool to clean from computer.
  • It can also allow you to select a particular file or folder that you want to delete.
  • This tool automatically cleans the removable device from the Mac computer system.
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You can download the free demo version of this tool and see the excellent and outstanding features of this tool. And after using the demo version if you want to buy this tool then you have to purchase the licensed version of the tool.