How to clean and speed up Mac OS X Mavericks?


In todays world when people are running out of time. People are so busy that they have no time to waste. People want their work to be got done in a faster manner there is no time for slow things. Even the device we are use can get slow like your Mac OS X.

So is your Mac not performing fast? And you wish for some tips or steps which can help you to run your Mac OS X fast? You need to give your little time to your Mac OS X to clean it up in return your system will run faster and smoother.

The tips given below will help you to make your Mac run faster without any lose of file. Follow the steps correctly to help your system.


Shutdown unwanted apps

If at one time you are running many programs then your Mac may gets slow as it will find memory and CPU place will not be faithful with app you want instead the space will be devoted to the programs. So it will be a better option to close all the unneeded programs. It will help your system to run the program faster.

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Free up hard drive space

It will be a good choice if you can keep some memory free on your Mac. Delete or remove all the unwanted software from your Mac and make it little memory free. If after deleting your unwanted software you still want some more memory free then you can also delete or remove those files and folder which is no longer of use (like- picture, movies, music). you should also delete the files and folder from the downloaded list.

How to clean and speed up Mac OS X Mavericks Software update (and set to auto update)

The apps and software which you are using has a time limit and after that time limit you need to update it. If you keep all your software and apps up-to-date then it will also help you to keep your Mac fast and clean. if you don’t up-date your software and app on time it will start performing slow and will make your Mac slow.

Any app which are not downloaded from the app store they are required to be updated separately

How to clean and speed up Mac OS X MavericksGet rid of preference panes

There are some custom items added to your system preferences. For you if it is of no use then simply remove them because they are taking lots of space in your CPU. Go to system preferences and see in the bottom of the row there you will find all customs items then just right-click o them and select delete /remove from preference pane.

How to clean and speed up Mac OS X Mavericks

Empty Safari cache

Sometimes safaris don’t work with data. You can clean it with the help of speed up safari in Mac OS X. All you need to do is Open Safari and select Safari > Reset Safari and ensure Remove all Website Data. Afterwards click on reset. If you followed it correctly then your slow web browsing will get fast.

How to clean and speed up Mac OS X Mavericks

Even after following these steps your are not satisfied then you can Swtich to Mackeeper software which is easy to use and will clean up your Mac system and speed it up.