How to Clone a Hard Drive

hard drive cloner copyAre looking for a way that can backup everything present on your PC?  Do you want to backup your data just protect them from the unexpected data loss situation.  Consider cloning your hard drive that can backup everything from your PC.   There are many reasons for making the exact clone of hard drive.  Imagine your system is damaged and you send it for repair. In meantime you are using another computer the duration of repair, but you don’t have the data, applications that were on your PC. You urgently need to send some important data to your manager so what you will do at this situation. The best way to keep your data with you all the time is to clone them. By cloning this data you are making them secure and protecting them from any unexpected situation. All you need is software that can help you to clone your hard drive so that you can have the data all the time with you. Cloning is very important for every user.

Hard Drive Cloner is the powerful software that can make the exact clone of your hard drive from any data loss situation.  It offers you an option to create the image of any version as well the entire copy of the content present in your hard drive.  The image of the hard drive stores full contents that proves to very helpful and useful in the data loss situation. By using this software the clone of your hard drive created take very less space as it avoid the bad sector in drive which is unused and not required. The clone hard drive is the same copy of your hard drive. It also allows you to clone hard disk formatted with (Master Boot Record) MBR partition map. It is also used for the device that supports Windows compatible file formats.

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How to Clone a Hard Drive

Step 1:
You will find the Introductory Screen of the software. Hit the ‘Continue’ button present in the right bottom of the screen.


Step 2:

The clone of the module of this program has four choices to clone a Mac hard drive.


Step 3:
This program offers you to two options whether you want to clone without any changes or resize source drive on destination drive.


Step 4:
Imaging’ module is used to create image of the hard drive or the volume. Now select the destinatiuon and save it in your desired location.


Step 5:
You can even restore the previously created image or cloned drive of the hard drive or the volume back to the original form.


Step 6:
To clone the BOOT volume of your system create a bootable DVD. You can even create the DVD from the currently installed program to boot your system.