Looking to clone your OS X to SSD on your Mac? Maybe be you have one. Whatever may be the cases, you should know that most of the increased potential is that your Mac’s can bring can be delivered if only you transfer your OS X installation from your Mac’s HDD to your SSD and thereby your OS X runs out of your SSD and not from your internal HDD.

The tutorial mentioned in this blog will help you how to clone your hard drive OS X partition into a new SSD.

Well, if you do not know then here is the pleasant surprise for you is that you can clone your Mac hard drive on to a new SSD by the use of Disk Utility, yes just by Disk Utility, a utility that comes by default in your Mac’s OS X. So, here is the steps:

Steps to clone OS X to SSD on your Mac


1 – Connect your SSD while your HDD is also connected. It can be easily done with the use of USB or SATA cables.

2 – Boot up your Mac as usual and open Disk Utility.

  • For OS X 10.4 and higher – Utilities – > Disk Utility
  • For OS X 10.2x through 10.3 x – Installer – Open Disk Utility

3 – Select your old HDD listed in the Disk Utility.

4 – Go to Partition Tab.

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5 – You will get a message – Does your new SSD have the same storage space or more storage space than your old HDD? If you click “Yes” then go to step 8.

6 – Resize your OS X partition to the same memory storage space or less than your SSD’s capacity.

7 – In order to resize, just drag the adjustable box on your partition to a point where it shows the memory size that you want.

8 – After all these settings made successfully, keep both the hard disk connected and shut down your Mac system.

9 – Now Restart your Mac system and press the Option button.

10 – Wait and allow Boot Manager to open.

11 – Select “Recovery-10.x”

Note – If your OS version is older than Snow Leopard, then you have to choose “Installation CD” instead of “Recovery-10.x”

12 – Select the Disk Utility from the option that is displayed on your on screen.

13 – Choose HDD OS X partition or your start up disk once inside Disk Utility.

14 – Select the Restore Tab

15 – The field that says “Source” click and drag your Mac’s HDD OS X partition on to it.

16 – The field that says “Destination” click and drag your SSD partition on to it.

17 – Now click on restore that is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

18 – Restart your Mac system.

19 – When it restarts pres the ‘Option” button

20 – Just wait for Boot Manager to open.

21 – Now select the boot from SSD.

22 – Wait for successful restart and if your restart was successful then your OS X cloning also get successful.

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If you want to keep both HDD and SSD then simply shut down your Mac and disconnect your HDD or you can also go to system preferences and make your SSD the default boot up disk.

Lastly, if you do not able to clone your OS X successfully then you can use Mac Hard Drive Cloner. With the help of this tool you can easily clone your OS X to SSD on your Mac system. The tool has several useful features like it clones hard drive/volume, create image of a hard drive, Resizes volumes of Destination Drive and lot more.

How to Clone Mac Drive

Step1: Introductory screen of Stellar Drive Clone. Click “Continue”

Step2: Clone of the module of the software comprising of four options to clone a Mac hard drive

Step 3: Software gives two options whether to clone without any changes or to resize the source drive on the destination drive.

Step 4: “Imaging” module to create image of the hard drive or volume. Chose destination and save it to any location.

Step 5: You can restore previously cloned drive or created image of the hard drive or volume back to its original state.

Step 6: Create a bootable DVD to clone the BOOT volume of your system. You can create the DVD with the currently installed applications to boot the system.

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