Common PC Errors and How to Fix Them

computer issuesThere are number of issues that your PC could have.  You are working on your computer but suddenly you came across an error message. From the endless list of possible errors messages to various hardware failures. Below you have few common PC errors that seen by every computer users.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Many of us think that the Blue is a calming color but this blue screen comes in our computer screen with white text then it gives an opposite effect. The blue screen of Death, Bug error, BSoD or STOP Error is one of the common computer issues. But your computer might need to be restarted. This Blue screen error appears on your screen due to various reasons such as failing hardware, corrupt DLL files, damaged software, and issues with the drivers and many more. When the blue screen appear on your computer it is like your computer “dies.” It cause stop error which is of different kinds S the two common BSoD errors are STOP 0x0000008E and STOP 0x0000007B are two of the more common Blue Screen of Death errors.

Missing DLL File

DLL (Dynamic-Link Library) files is a house of information for your PC on how to work on certain functions. But sometime your computer loses DLL file or it gets damaged. And when your PC are unable to read a particular DLL file it doesn’t know how to respond at this situation. Error about the missing DLL file is very common but “Hal.dll is Missing” error is the frustrating error. Every time you perform a certain function you receive an error message on your computer screen. If your computer file are stemming from issues of missing DLL file then you can fix this issue by downloading them back in your PC.

Applications That Won’t Install

If you are facing issue while installing any application then might be that your PC doesn’t have enough hard drive space. If this is the reason then you need to free the space but removing unwanted a program from it. It is one of the common computer issues but you can easily resolve this by removing some files and folders that you don’t need. It might be the temporary files, duplicate files for the program you uninstalled.

Applications Run Slowly

The reasons behind the turtle speed of your software are many. It might be due the computer problem which involves your application and computer system. Your PC might need an update, or it doesn’t have enough space in its hard drive. If you don’t have enough space in hard drive then you can scan, clean and optimize your hard drive.

Abnormal Applications Behavior

When you’re PC involve any application which is acting strangely then it leave you wondering that what had happened. Your application was just working well but now everything has become worst. Without any reason your application starts acting strangely. Like your MS Word document will not show you the upper margin of your document. It says that it is there when you print it.

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If you are facing issues related to your PC and the manual repair steps fails to fix the issues then you can use PC Repair Tool can repair any issue related to your computer such as Blue Screen of Death, missing or damaged DLL files, slow performance of your PC, Windows errors, Virus infection, freezing issue with computer, and many more. It is very simple and easy to sue software that helps the user to fight with daily problems related to your PC. It is the automated PC repair helps you to improve your Windows performance.