Why does my computer freeze up all the time?

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Is your computer gets hanged or freeze every time? If yes then take this situation very sincerely because it may affect your computer system and its data. All we know that a computer or laptop is able to execute more than one task at the same time but some time system stop working and screen gets hanged, and it returns into previous position after restarting.

There are many causes that affect the system and due to those causes your computer/laptop could be freezing on a regular basis. Computer freezing first slow down the system and make your computer unstable. Some reasons of computer freeing or hanging are given bellow that will help you to protect your computer from getting freeze.   

Disk Defragment

Due to disk fragmentation computer work slowly and after some time start freezing on regular basis, so that disk defragmentation is very necessary part of maintain a computer. Run defragmentation task after a fix time of interval.   By defragmenting hard disk of computer it takes all the “scrambled” data and rearranges it so that it is easier for the system to find. Windows provides an inbuilt tool to defragment your computer’s hard drive, just like a disorganized desk with papers all over the place.

 Virus infection

Virus and computer malware can also make your computer sluggish and freeze it on regular basis. It is the most common reason for this type of problem, virus infection cannot responsible for this type of problem but along with it virus can also able to do many other malicious things and making a computer fully irresponsible. Viruses and computer malwares can run many unwanted things that slowdown the performance of computer system. A virus can capture all the processing power or available system memory to cripple your system into un-usability.

If such situation is happening with your computer then immediately download antivirus program and scan your system completely.  


If your computer gets freeze with blue screen full with written information then it is due to hardware problem. Hardware malfunctioning can make the computer system unstable and hence it gets freeze every time. When task wants to runs into a broken or malfunctioning part within the motherboard, it may not recognize how to continue and according to the algorithm of operating system it gets freeze to prevent data loss or further damage to the system.


How to Fix Computer freezing and slow performance of System?

As we know that many possibilities that can affects the system and make it unstable, so you can take your computer to any technician for full diagnostic.  Or you can also do full installation of operating system, reinstall it and make your computer efficient. But all these process will take time because they are lengthy process. OS reinstallation cannot possible for the normal user or formatting computer can also affect its installed application and data.

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But don’t worry because there is also a tool is available that can easily fix your computer and make it as previous.  It is very simple to install and operate because of its simple user interface one can easily operate this tool. If you are a normal user or unable to execute manual method then don’t worry because this tool will help you and make computer fast and efficient. So simply download this system repair tool and run it to make your computer error free.


Execute step 1 to 3 in another working computer:

Step 1- Download, install and run this tool.

Step 2- Insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive into your computer.

Step 3- Click on “Burn” button to start burning process.

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Step 4- After it insert the created disk or USB drive to the computer that has issues and run it. Step 1-