Computer monitoring software for windows

keep safe onlineInternet provides you with full entertainment and educational content and activities for children to take part. With growing kids parents should keep their teens and young kids safe on the internet from online dangers. Some of the online dangers that may get the teens and young make kids to get into deep trouble are—

Oversharing : Social networking is not only fun for children but today tens and kids also are getting involve into it. Kids also love to share their feelings and express themselves with their friends and loved ones. To share too much personal information can lead to many issues.  

Risky contacts: there are several great ways for kids to communicate with friends and family online. But they may get in contact with anyone including online predators. They may gain trust and take advantages of the child.

Cyber bulling: While meeting with online friends it can be fun for kids but it make come to darker side. Kids may get into cyber bulling that consists of threats, insults, gossips and constant teasing that can be spread through chats, emails, social networking and even online games.

Online Contents: Teens may come across adult online contents by mistake such as pop ups and other methods. There are many questionable sites teens and young kids can visit. Parents should make attempts to view browser history from their child’s computer which sites their children are visiting, browser history on their child’s computer to see sites their child is visiting.

You can keep an eye on your children with the help of Cell Monitoring software, Spytech SpyAgent.  This software enables you to monitor all the keystrokes which are typed, websites visited, windows, passwords, document viewed, mouse clicks, internet connections, print jobs, emails, application used and screen shots are logged and recorded with this software. It is extremely easy to use. With built in configuration wizard and graphical interface you can easily use this software to monitoring all the activities of your child.

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How to use Computer Monitoring Software Spytech SpyAgent?

 Step 1. Firstly download and install the software and double click on the SpyAgent installer file to start the installation process.spyagent-userguide1

Step 2. Then click on the installer until the following user screen is not open. Here you have to choose the folder location for SpyAgent’s installer. After you configure the Destination Directory then click on the Next button.


Step 3. Then click through the installer until you come to user screen. Then chose to install the SpyAgent and if you don’t want it to appear on the start menu and install then choose stealth installation.


Step 4. After the configuration of the installer ask you to include an uninstaller for total stealth choose NO.


Step 5. After installation completes you have to configure and run SpyAgent. For this go to the Start button on the desktop and click once to bring it to start menu. And then choose the Run option.


Step 6. After installing the directory you can see SpyAgent files if you have chosen stealth install then Highlight the sysdiag application file.


Step 7. Then right click on the sysdiag application file and choose RENAME from the menu by clicking on it.


Step 8. Now you can type new name in the sysdiag. As you can chose the name “snmp” name or something of your conceal SpyAgent’s identity.

Step 9. After renaming it you can run SpyAgent by double click on the file you renamed. You will be prompted by the software for configuring the password. Click on the GENERAL Button on the right side of SpyAgent window.


Step 10.  Now you just have to click on the Start Monitoring button. And you will get prompt of the password after entering it click on ok. After this you will be receiving notification messages on how to bring out Stealth mode to be viewed later.