Convert FLAC to MP3 with Total Audio Converter!

flac-to-mp3-header-650x0FLAC which is also called Free Lossless Audio Codec is a compressed audio file which maintains the same quality as the original source despite being less than 50 percent of the original file size. If you consider yourself an audiophile, then the FLAC audio compression format is perfect for you. This will be the good choice if you want to store “perfect” compressed copies of your song because FLAC uses lossless compression. A song compressed in the FLAC format will sound identical to what you have on your CD. The FLAC file are free and distributed ton users under an open source license but it typically surpass common audio formats like AAC and MP3 when it comes to sheer audio fidelity. The sound will be better and also requires less space.

The FLAC format has downsides. However FLAC has the ability to compress audio quality in a nice way. The compression of FLAC will reduce your average 700MB CD to about 400 to 500 MB and a four minute song will take up to 20 to 30MB but this is not practical for portable audio players with limited storage. There are most of the audio players which do not support FLAC.

The MP3 audio compression format is very lossy which means that information is removed to compress audio to very small sizes. MP3 compression relies heavily on removing certain portions of audio like extremely high or low tones which are not easily detectible to humans. Compared to FLAC audio files, MP3 are tiny-MP3 compression typically reduces a 700 MB CD to about 70 MB and a 4 minute song will typically take up to 4 MB. Generally MP3 compression results in no obvious in quality, as far as the listening is concerned, MP3 are pretty much identical to the original. Every portable audio player supports MP3 as well. This makes the MP3 format perfect for taking your songs around with you.

If you want to play it on your iPod, you will need a converter which needs to convert it in to a supported format such as MP3. At this moment, you can take the help of Total Audio Converter. This software is a powerful converter that effectively converts any audio file format to MP3, WAV, MP4 and many other formats. It converts all audio files at a great speed with any loss to the audio quality of the output file. This is an effective program which is specifically designed for converting between different formats and is ideals for converting huge FLAC file to more reasonable sized MP3.

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