In presentations when you need to present some data for which you need to extract them from online document, presentation, or webpage and if they are in the form of table and you want them on your Excel sheet. But if the data is in form of HTML page and has NOT been created by ASP, PHP, or some other scripting language and moreover if you are an Internet Explorer 6 user then you just simply need to right-click on the and look for “Export to Microsoft Excel.” If you get this option then you can import if all these conditions are true and then you need to click on the menu item and after few prompts, the contents will be imported into your Excel file.

But if the page is scripted and you only need a portion of the table to include in your excel sheet then the above solution will not work. You then need to just convert the html file by opening the Excel (File – Open) and then save it as xlsx file from Excel (File – Save as).

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To do this using the VBA coding you need to use:

Sub Open_HTML_Save_XLSX()


    Workbooks.Open Filename:=”C:\Temp\Example.html”

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _

        “C:\Temp\Example.xlsx”, FileFormat:= _



End Sub

You can even use the Drag-and-Drop function of Windows as it works very well. It is quick and easy as long as you are willing to keep your finger parked on the left mouse button while Windows does the rest of the work.

Instead of manually writing the code and doing experiments you can directly convert your HTML tables to Excel spreadsheet in couple of clicks and save time significantly with the help of HTML to Excel Converter.

It is easy to use tool that helps you to convert your HTML file to Excel, XLSM, and XLSX document within a short interval of time. It accurately generates the same Excel file as the Original HTML page layouts. It is very easy to use the software as you can HTML file in only two simple steps. It even provides batch conversion option so that you can efficiently convert more than one HTML file at the same time.

How to convert HTML tables to Excel workbook format

 Step 1- Firstly run and installed the converter program by clicking upon the “Add Files” button to add HTML file. You can even drag and drop the html file table on to this tool.


Step 2- If you want to change the output settings then you can use “Select Output Format” to select the output file format. You can even change the targeted folder where you want to save your converted file.


 Step 3- At last now click “Convert” button to convert the HTML tables.

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