Convert HTML web pages to EXCEL files

html to excel copyHTML to EXCEL converter allow users to convert HTML to Excel, XLS, XLSM, XLSX files, enabling users to convert web/internet pages into Excel spreadsheet within few seconds. HTML to EXCEL converter is the only software which is specially designed for converting HTML, HTM, URL to Excel file with minimum user input.  It supports batch conversion means users can convert multiples HTML web pages to EXCEL at a time it works very fast, which save lots of time for the users and it is very convenient to use.

Users have to follow two simple steps to retrieve Excel spreadsheet from HTML. Simply enter the HTML, HTM or URL to the clipboard and click on convert button, rest job will be done by software and within few seconds your Excel sheet will appear in front of you. This tool does not require computer skilled person. The tool is user friendly and work simple and fast.

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Key Features:

  • Convert HTML, HTM and URL into Excel, XLS, XLSM and XLSX file format.
  • Support input file format – HTML, HTM and URL
  • Support output file format- MS Excel, XLS, XLSM and XLSX.
  • Support all Microsoft Office versions, with Office Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.
  • It allows batch conversion; convert multiples HTML to EXCEL at time.
  • Drag and drop features allows users to drag HTML file directly into the tool to convert it to Excel.
  • Keep the original text messages, contents, tables, layouts, etc of source HTML, HTM or URL files.
  • Create separate directory of each converted file within output folder.
  • It allows user to edit or rename the output file.
  • Variable choice and settings available for advanced users.
  • The conversion is really fast and output is instant.
  • HTML to EXCEL has user friendly interface and easy to use.