Convert HTML web pages to PDF files

html-to-pdfIt may happen with you when you search any important information on net related to anything and you find excellent information regarding your problems and you want to save it for future reference then you might need a converter to convert website into PDF files. For example while surfing internet you find some interesting articles and you want to save it in your computer so that you can read it in future, then you can use this HTML to PDF converter. You just need to copy the website URL and click on convert button to get the HTML file into PDF file.

HTML to PDF converter is a handy tool which helps you to convert HTML to PDF, enabling you to convert web/internet pages into PDF files. HTML converter is a standalone application designed for converting .html, .htm, URL, etc file into PDF documents with minimum user input. The software was specially created to be simple to use and one can clearly see the way the software interacting with its users. The procedure of conversion allow users to edit PDF contents, font size, set PDF paper size, orientation and much more. HTML converter does not require any additional software such as Adobe acrobat or Adobe reader. HTML converter support batch conversions which help in saving your time.

The software supports two way of converting Html to PDF format, and both can be operated from the home page of converter. First, simply input the local path in the desired space and directly convert it to PDF. Second, just provide the respective link and simply convert an URL to PDF formats. The tools also allow users to enable or disable the functions of java, java script and active. The tool provides users to fill up the details like title, author, subject and keywords, so that you can recognize your PDF documents easily. The converter has no encryption settings so you will not be able to lock your generated PDF files with a password. HTML to PDF converter is not dependent on print driver, so it will not install any print driver software on your PC. It is easy to use made for both beginner and experience users and this conversion tools does it work in just couple of minutes proving to be more flexible tool.

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Basic Functions of HTML to PDF converter:

  • Easily convert URL or HTML web pages to PDF format.
  • Able to add title, author, subject, keyword and producer information to the PDF documents
  • Able to edit content, font size, PDF paper size, orientation and much more of the converted PDF files.
  • HTML to PDF converter supports conversion of URL or neighbor URL to PDF files.
  • Easy to enable and disable the function of Java, JavaScript and ActiveX.
  • It is self independent software; it is not dependent on any print driver
  • Other software like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader is not required.
  • User friendly and easy to use


Steps to convert HTML files to PDF files:

Step 1-Install the software and open it. Click on “ADD files” to add HTML files. You can add multiples URL at a time.

Step 2

Step 2– Before converting, you can click on “OPTION” button to customize the output settings.

step 3                 Step 3-Finally click on “CONVERT” button to get the HTML file into PDF file.