Are you bored with the same reading style in PDF with endless vertical text? Have you ever think for replacing the scrolling mouse to turning a page flip book on Mac OS X? Page flip is a special effect that makes your online reading feeling more like the same as you are reading a real book.

A flipping ebook is a type of ebook with page filliping effect typed by digital web pages. They are quite different from your typical pdf file ebooks that are quiet distinctive with the e-publishing industry.  They give you the sensation of flipping as just like you are reading the actual book. Then it will be the great idea to convert your PDF ebook to flipping ebook and share it online. But do you have any idea how to convert PDF file to flipping ebook?

 If you are looking for this then don’t worry because there are special programs which convert your PDF files to flash flipping ebook. They convert a PDF file into a kind of flash movie which is easy to browse and read. Then you can publish this flash files on personal blog or can be distributed on CDs, DVDs etc.

This blog is focusing more on converting PDF to eBook with minimal effort. Converting PDF to eBook will give your readers a more holistic read by linking to watching videos, webpages, communicating and sharing with others.

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Reason for transferring PDF to Flash Flip eBook

1 – Easy access –

As you know to see PDF documents you must have PDF reader or PDF viewer application on your system while such issue is not with the flash files, it can be easily viewed on any computer operating system whether it is Windows, Mac. As almost all computer has Adobe Flash add-ons, so you can enjoy your reading experience on any web browsers of your system.

2 – Less time taking less –

 Suppose you have a PDF document of large size, then it will take high time to get open while the smaller size of flash file take less time in loading and opening.

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3 – Reading is like fun-   

Flash PDF ebooks looks more attractive and it brings more fun to read. If you compare the ordinary presentation style of PDF with the flash page flipping ebook then you will feel, it is more attractive and looks more eye-catching to readers or viewers.

How To Convert PDF To Flash Flip eBook?

To convert your PDF documents to flash page flipping e-book you will need to use a Flash Flip Book maker which is mainly designed to convert any PDF files into flash flip ebook. It also provides you the different built in templates with which you can customize the look of your flash page flipping ebooks. The templates can be used for making your flash page attractive and at the same time flip book allows you to design your flash page.

Easy Guide On How To Convert PDF To Flash Flipping Ebook.

Step 1- Launch and import your PDF magazine

Double click on the desktop shortcut icon Flipbook Maker Mac, and user friendly interface will automatically appear on your screen. Click on the button “Import” which is on the top left to add your PDF eBooks or journals. You can easily add multiple PDF magazine at once for making your own online flash magazine.

Step 2- Customize the magazine template

Once you have finished importing PDF, the program will automatically display you to the design column. There are two ways that will easily decorate your own digital magazine with the lovely template:

a. Use built-in template.

Now, click the button behind “Templates” to choose your favorite template from the built-in ones, and click “Done” to apply. Its now available to preview the look of your digital journal on the right panel.

b. Customize your e magazine template.

To customize the template open the drop-down menu of Bookmark, Language, Proper Settings, and TOC, you can easily customize the background image, music, toolbar buttons, page flipping speed, zoom factor, bookmarks, table of contents and etc to make your own digital editions as per your choice.

Step 3- Generate your own online flipping magazine

Click on the “Publish” button, a new window will appear presenting all the supported output formats, with HTML, EXE, standalone SWF, ZIP and APP. You can even create a mobile version flipping magazine to attain your online visitors who are surfing through their mobile phones. Once the PDF to flip magazine conversion is completed, you can open the output folder to confirm the interactive page flipping magazine in the browser or Adobe Flash Player.

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