How to convert PDF files to SWF for making flash flipping book

Cobnvert PDF files into Flash flip bookPDF files are portable document format that is developed by Adobe System for presenting your thoughts and ideas. It is widely used in both commercial and private life. PDF files is described as documents that contains any combination of text, images, graphics, links, etc  in a device independent format. These documents can be created on one page or on hundreds of pages, with very simple or in very complicated form that is created with the use of rich color, font size, images, graphics, etc. PDF is an open file format that can be used by any users on any device, if they have PDF reader application.

However, these days PDF file is not the best file format for presentation and even the corporate and businessman users do not think so. PDF document can’t be viewed on your system or device if you do not have any application of PDF reader. Though PDF documents contain text, images, graphics hyperlinks, etc, but you may still experience that it is not the flexible enough for presenting your thoughts and ideas vividly. In fact you require a PDF to SWF conversion for making flash flipping book so that you can make your PDF documents more presentable and attractive.

Reason for transferring PDF to Flash Flip Book

1 – Viewing PDF contents in Flash Flip book consume less time – Suppose, your PDF document files size is too large ,then it will take more time in opening while the smaller size of flash file take less time in loading and opening the files smoothly.

2 – It makes PDF documents more accessible – As you know that PDF documents can only viewed if you have installed any PDF reader or PDF viewer application on your system while the flash files can be easily viewed on any computer operating system whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux. As almost every computer users has Adobe Flash add-ons, so SWF files can be easily viewed on most of the computer’s any web browsers.

3 – Flash PDF books are more attractive and it brings more fun to read – If compared with ordinary presentation style of PDF, the flash page flipping book is more attractive which perform like a real paper books and looks more eye-catching and leaves readers or viewers a fresh and pleasant experience.

PDF to Flash Converter for Mac is one desktop application that helps you to convert any Adobe PDF document into a Macromedia Flash (SWF) files on Mac, produce remarkable online and offline digital editions with page turning effects.

How to Convert PDF to Flash Flip Book

To convert PDF documents to flash page flipping e-book you will require a Flash Flip Book maker which is designed to convert any PDF files into flash flip book. With the help of this software you can easily convert any Adobe PDF documents into a Macromedia flash (SWF) files which will produce the outstanding or remarkable offline and online digital editions with page turning effects. The tool allow you to convert your plain PDF into flash file in minutes and makes you enjoy PDF files as flash flipping magazine , books, brochures, reports, etc. the software is easy to use as it has simple interface and therefore it does not require any technical person to operate it. So, if you have a collection of PDF files and you want to convert them into a flash files for making flip books then you can try Flash flip book maker for free.

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Steps to convert PDF files to SWF to make Flash flip book

1 – Install Flash Flip Book Maker on your computer and open it.


2 – Click on “Import” button to import “PDF/Images/Videos”. Apart from PDF files the software imports images and flash videos as well.


3 – Click “Design” button to make your e-book attractive and presentable, here you can change theme, background color and images of your PDF files. Different types of template available for you to apply on flash flipping books. After designing you can also click on “Preview” button to view the appearance before converting it.


4 – Once you finalize the design, you can now click on “Publish” button to convert PDF files to flash flip books. Herey you can select the output format such as ZIP, HTML, EXE. If you want to publish your flash flipping book for your website then select HTML output format.