How to convert PDF to flash flip book?

PDF_to_Flash_ConverterFlash flip book is a new style digital book which is made by PDF to flash flipping maker in this e-commerce era. PDF files are short for portable document format which are widely used in both private and commercial life. PDF documents cannot be viewed without Foxit or some other PDF readers and also sometimes you may experience some frustrations at that time when you want to edit PDF files. Though PDF can contain images, text, graphics and links etc, still you may feel that it is not flexible enough for representing your thoughts and inspiration vividly.

Actually, at that moment you just need a converter so that you can make your PDF files more attractive and presentable. You can use PDF to Flash Converter because this converter dives you an easy to use way to convert PDF to Flash flip book with page flipping animation effects without any programming skills. Such kind of flip book software turns your PDF documents to flip book, e-books and other publications for online sharing. This software gives you an easy solution to convert PDF to Flash flip book and can be accessible from anywhere in the universally viewable flash format.

Need to transfer PDF to Flash Flip book.

  1. Make PDF files more accessible– PDF files can only be viewed after you install PDF viewer or PDF reader. However, the flash files can be viewed on 98% OS without installing anything.
  2. Less time to view PDF contents in Flash flip book– If the file size is large then it will require a long time to open. However, the technology of XML and smaller flash file size will make the loading more swiftly.


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How to convert PDF to Flash flip book?

Step 1: First, download PDF to Flash flip book software and install free  so that you can experience  its powerful function and effect.

Step 2: Launch the software and after launching it, you can see an intuitive interface which appears instantly.

Step 3: Load files for PDF to flash conversion as this software not only allows to load bunches of PDF documents but also you can load images or flash movies.

Step 4: Click on the design icon so that you can give a better style to your own ebook and can also customize the background image and music by pressing the advanced setting button so that you can apply these settings.

Step 5: After finishing the setting, click on the publish button so that the conversion of PDF to flash flip book can start.

After that, you can upload the flash flip book to your website so that you can present your company products or visitors in a nice way. Besides this, with the help of this software you can create flash brochures, magazines etc so that you can enrich your site.