How to Convert PDF to HTML

pdf to html

There are many ways by which you can convert PDF files to HTML code. After making conversion you can save it in a web page and then upload it to your website. If you don’t convert your PDF file to HTML code then you have to rebuild that PDF file by writing code in HTML or you have to put link to the PDF file on your web page. If you choose for the second option i.e putting link then the required person needs to make a click on the and then only he will get required PDF file. But to give it easy and perfect look you must need to convert that file to HTML format. Here you can easily learn how to convert PDF file to HTML.

This conversion is required as Internet is becoming increasingly social and PDF files can’t be shared easily on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. It is difficult to navigate PDF file as user need to scroll through page after page to get the information they want to read. It is not easily handled by most browsers, slow to load, and impossible to track with analytics software.

Convert PDF to HTML

The easiest and fastest way to convert your PDF files into HTML code is by using an online converter.  There are number of such online converters available each having same basic features.

If online PDF to HTML converters aren’t giving you the results you’ve expected for then you required professional software that is PDF Converter it is the best software to create PDF files and can also convert them back into raw HTML for online usage.

It supports batch file conversion at a single time and retains the original layouts of your source document. This converter is standalone software with no Adobe Acrobat Reader required and it also does not depend on any print driver.

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Steps to convert

Step 1: Download the PDF convertor software and then after installing launch it.

Step 2: select “Add files” on the main interface to browse your computer and add all supported files to the program.

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Step 3: you can customize the output setting before making conversion. To do so go to the output setting area under the file list. For detailed settings in the output files select to the “option” button on the main interface and that will open the options of such dialog box.


Step 4: lastly to convert it press “convert” option on the main interface. After complete conversion open the output folder and here you will get your converted files.