Convert PDF to PowerPoint

pdf-to-pptIn our daily life you might have found some PDF documents that are converted from PPT presentation and if you want to copy or quote the content then you find it impossible. PDF format offers a great feature but absolutely it has some limitations. One of the annoying and frustrating fact is that it cannot be edited.   It is perfect for sharing and archiving documents but you cannot make the revision of it. When it comes to protect your document for unauthorized access you can set password to prevent it from printing, editing, and copying. 

While on the other hand PPT presentation is great and easily editable format that are used by many people to make presentation. Storing your old slideshow or presentation for further use you can convert them to PDF but if you want to access it again then you need to convert them into PowerPoint. You need to convert your PowerPoint back to PDF form in order to edit or to make any sort of changes in it. There is effortless way to convert PDF file to PowerPoint Presentation, you don’t need any complicated editor just with the help of PDF to PowerPoint converter you can convert it.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a powerful converter that can convert your PDF file to PowerPoint presentation. It can easily convert your PDF file into the editable PowerPoint presentation along with tables, images, hyperlinks, as well as the layouts so that can edit or make some changes in it. You can even specify the page range to convert the document. With the help of this converter you can convert the encrypted PDF files into PowerPoint (PPT) presentations. It provides batch conversion so that you can convert more than on e PDF file at the same time. It preserves all the original texts, images, contents, hyperlinks, and the layout generated in PPT documents. This professional converter doesn’t need any additional software like Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat while converting the document.

Key Features:

  • It doesn’t require any additional software or program to convert your PDF back to PPT such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and other software.
  • It can easily convert the uneditable PDF file into the editable PowerPoint documents.
  • It supports Windows 8, 7, 2003, 2000, XP, NT, 98, Vista platforms.
  • It preserves texts, pictures, and the layouts of original PDF documents.
  • It also provides batch conversion so that you can convert multiple PDF files to PowerPoint (PPT) presentations.
  • If you want to convert some pages of your PDF files then you can convert a by the help of this converter.
  • It is very simple, easy to use and doesn’t need any technical person to operate it.

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How to convert PDF to PowerPoint?

Below you have the guide on how to convert PDF file to PowerPoint presentation follow the step and convert the file in just few seconds with fast conversion speed.