Convert PowerPoint to PS

ppt to psWe all know about PS (Postscript). We are using PS in many organizations such as schools, publishers, companies all over the world. It is like a page description language with an extension name .ps or .eps. It is used for storing image and data in a single file, that is a press industrial standard. Microsoft PowerPoint is the popular application that is used for presentation and for commercial companies, education and for the research institutions. If you want to convert your PowerPoint to Postscript then you need a powerful PowerPoint Converter.

By the help of this converter you can convert your PPT to PS. Not only this by using this converter you can convert PowerPoint file into different file format such as PostScript (PS), PDF, Flash movie, MHTML and HTML, and to the RTF formats. You can even convert into image file format like PPT to PNG, PPT to GIF, PPT to BMP, PPT to JPEG, and so on. It also supports vector image formats like WMF and EMF.  By using this converter you can publish the PowerPoint into any of the above formats. It is very to use software that doesn’t need the person to have any technical knowledge.

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How to convert PowerPoint to PS

Download and Install

Download and install PowerPoint Converter.  After downloading this software simply run the installer and follow the instruction shown on your main interface. You can run the application from the start menu or from the installation directory.

Add files

Now hit on the Add PPT File(s) button and add your PPT file by the file picker dialogue box. You can even drag the file from your Windows Explorer and drop them in the main interface to add the PPT Files.

pdf 1

Convert PowerPoint to Flash

If you wish to convert your PPT document to Flash, then set target format to SWF file in drop down box. You can also set the frame width, frame height and frame rate. Now, just click on the Convert button to begin the converting process.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF and other formats

If you want to convert your PowerPoint Document into PDF format, set the Output Format as the Acrobat PDF shown below.

pdf 2
Now hit the Convert button and you’ll get a window for setting the PDF description and security options as displayed below. In the PDF info you set the subject, tile, author and keywords.  And in PDF Security tab, you can specify the owner or the user password to protect your PDF file from unauthorized access.

pdf 3
To convert your PPT document into other file format you can set the target file format.

Command line options

The use of PowerPoint Converter command line tool:

Note: If you got the license PowerPoint Converter, then you will have the key to register command line tool.