How to Copy DVD Discs onto a PC and Burn a New DVD

Wcopy-protected-dvde are always afraid of giving our self made DVD. We always find a way to avoid being pressed to return the borrowed DVD, make sure that it will not be damaged by the naughty kids? There are endless reasons why we avoid sharing it with our loved ones. You always want to copy our disc on computer or burn the DVD whether it is a video file, data or the copy of your favorite movie. The increase in need of clone DVD will make out the pros and the cons. DVD disc is a fragile object it can become unreadable due to bad sector and physical damage. Data loss can also happen due to overlong, carelessness or improper storage, etc. So, safe and practical DVD to DVD software is badly needed.

By seeing the market demand the duplicate DVD is legal so it is advised to clone DVD to DVD for personal use rather than commercial use. DVD Cloner is a powerful software that can copy, burn or decrypt device with an exact replicate mode. By the help of this cl0oner you can easily replicate your lovely chapter, subtitle or audio onto your computer. It provides new features to the ability to modify your entire DVD video on your portable device such as iPhone, iPod and get the trendy feel and look. It can make your copied DVD with flawless images whether it is full computer disc or the title copy. With its innovative ERT skill you can backup your latest DVD videos.

It is equipped with the brand new UMT™ to copy your DVD movie exactly. Above all this cloner provides innate and interface that is easy to sue and require few step to clone your DVD. It allows you to make full disc exact copy of the main movie, or you can customize it exact replicate save and skip DVD menu across the world.


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Software Features:

  • It can remove protection from your DVD like AACS, CPPM, RC, UOPs and RipGuard and so on.
  • It can copy DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9 in 1:1 ratio.
  • You can even copy the major vidoe and movie from the DVD to new DVD-5, without the main menu and other characteristics.
  • You can select the audio tracks and subtitle of the different language to exact copy.
  • You can also extract the audio file from your DVD movie.
  • With the help of this software you can compress one DVD-9 on one DVD-5 with losing the original quality of the movie.
  • It can easily copy your DVD disc to DVD folder or to ISO files on your computer.
  • You can copy 3D DVD videos or movies to the flash drive.
  • You can distinguish the compression rate to save your valuable space in disc and see the real time image quality.
  • It is very easy to sue and provide user friendly interface that doesn’t need the person have technical knowledge.

How to copy and Burn DVD?