Learn the Easiest Steps to Remove or Crack Protected PDF Documents in Three Easy Way!

What if old employee left the job leaving the password-protected PDF files behind whose password was only known by that left employee? Or do you have an old password-protected PDF files whose password you do not remember or forgotten? What if have to access the files in emergency?

Just Relax!

You do not need to take any tension about it. In this post I have mentioned three easy ways that will help you to decrypt PDF files and bypass the password and then you can reset the documents with your own password.

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Way 1: Make Use of Google Chrome Browser to Crack PDF Password

With the use of Google Chrome you can easily get rid of password from PDF. But this solution will only work, if you already know the password, if you do not know the password then skip to the next solution.

For step by step guide on how to remove PDF password using Chrome, please visit: HERE

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Way 2: Make Use of Free Online Tools to Crack PDF Password

There are several tools available online for cracking or unlocking the password-protected PDF document. Some of these online tools also allow you to upload multiple PDF files at a time.

List of free online tools for cracking or removing PDF password:

But there also some drawbacks of such online tools, the drawbacks are – First, they restrict the cracking of PDF files to certain size. If the file size exceeds to their limitation, then you will not be able to crack the password. Second, you will require high speed internet connection so that multiple files can easily process.

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Way 3: Use PDF Password Recovery – Best Solution to Crack Password from PDF Document

As we all know that PDF files can be protected with two types of password and they are owner password and user password. Many online pdf password remover will provide the facility of breaking the only owner password. But in order to crack both password, we highly recommend you to use PDF Password Recovery software, which is one of the best password removing tool. After removing the password you can then add your own password o protect PDF documents.

Why Choose PDF Password Recovery Software?

PDF Password Recovery Software helps to recover password, change password, recover deleted password, crack password, password reset. But why we should go for it.

Below find out the reasons by yourself.

1. Removing of PDF Access Restrictions!

PDF documents generally come with various access restrictions that stop the users from printing, copying and saving the PDF documents. To disable these restrictions allow the user with the ability to print, copy or save these documents can be attained by the software that remove all these restrictions.

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2. Recovering Password to open the documents!

Password Protected PDF files restricts from unauthorized viewing. These can’t be recovered instantly. These documents are highly tough to break due to the strong encryption technique used in it. The PDF Password removal software uses all the mask, brute force, dictionary or combinations to attack the access rights.

PDF Password Removal tool easily decrypts the Password Protected PDF files. The PDF files with the owner password set prevents the viewers from editing, printing selecting text and or from changing any of the PDF properties such as form fields. The PDF Password Remover Tool helps to decrypt and remove these entire owner passwords that do so from the PDF document.


By now you have three choice – and you can use any one of them as per your requirement to crack, remove, unlock password-protected PDF files. But we highly recommend you to use PDF Password Recovery software as it offers several features.

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