Create a Copy of your Hard Drive with the Hard Drive Cloner

 hardCreating coping of data or making another copy of Hard disk is called Cloning. Cloning does not mean backup. To have clone of the hard disk you should need a perfect copy of the entire data of the hard disk. Cloning of hard disk means copying of bit by bit of data so it we should get identically copies i: e identically same thing as on the original drive. This clone can be used in another PC and it will work the same as your old system which makes an ideal backup whenever the drive gets damaged or corrupted.

Cloning a drive or saving the entire disk data as a backup image requires place to save the data. So that when you backup the entire image you can have a larger capacity of hard disk or have an equal set aside for backup. For this it is required to have the equal disk size as much as the drive you are making clone of.  Cloning is done basically for upgrading the drive to bigger drive or when the current hard drive gets failed.

Hard drive Cloner is software which helps to create an exact clone of hard drive from any possible cases of data loss. It makes an image of the entire content of the Hard Drive which can be useful for any annoying situations. This images store the full content and as it is in form of image it takes a very less space. This software even avoids bad sectors in the drive that are unused. If you want to have a full backup of hard disk and wants to overcome crashes of hard disks for such Hard Drive Cloner is an ideal solution for you.

What does a Hard Drive Cloner do-

    • Clones the whole hard and volume of the folders and store them as an image which can be used as back up of the original drive and can be used at system crashes.
    • Solid clone of drive- Clones and copies an exact content of the solid drives.
    • Creates images of the Hard Drive- This software is to create a cloned backup which takes a very less size to get stored.
    • Resize Destination Drive- If the destination drive has more space than that of original drive then after the cloning process the space left becomes useless. This software provides an option to resize the volume of the destination drive.
    • Minimal system creation- This software creates a minimal system which works as a real system with minimum features. This system includes files and folders on the desktop and application that you select.

Supports MBR partition map schema-

    Cloning a hard disk with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition which can be used for those devices that supports Windows compatibility file formats.


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Steps to Clone Disk Drive

Step 1: Start the software and Click on “Continue”.


Step 2: Firstly clone the module of the software which comprises of four options to clone the hard drive.

hard 2

Step 3: This software will give you two options to clone without having any changes or to resize the source drive of destination drive.

hard 3

Step 4: Click on “imaging” module to create image of the hard drive or volume and chose the destination location to save it.

hard 4

Step 5: You can also restore the previously cloned drive image to its original state with the help of this software.

hard 5

Step 6: You can create clones of bootable DVD out of BOOT volume of the system. And even can create the DVD with currently installed application to boot the system.

 hard 6