Publishing e-book can give more value to your existing clients and can even attract new clients. There are two formats used for e-book readers: MOBI and EPUB. Other e-book readers use the EPUB format but Amazon Kindle uses MOBI format with AZW file extension. These eBooks can also be produced as PDF files that are readable on most readers.

You can even create the e-book from any Microsoft Word document present in either DOC or DOCX format. Once your document is completed you can convert the file to e-book formats. Apart from format you can even choose to insert a line break at the beginning of chapter or can create table of contents in word, link the table to each chapter heading. With these hyperlinks you don’t need the page numbers.

Formatting For MOBI And EPUB

Create E-books From Microsoft Word

If you want publish a e-book in MOBI or EPUB format then keep in mind that these format limit your choice in formatting. It also limits your fonts in Word document to 1 font style, like Times New Roman. Limit your font sizes to 10, 12, 14 or 18 point remove tabs present in documents, use left alignment, and never use tables, WordArt or graphs. If you really need any graph or table in your document then use image files embedded in your eBook. For your cover use a separate image file don’t use it in document. While conversion the cover will automatically add to your e-book. Kindle automatically indent every paragraph so if you don’t indent then use indent of 0.01 inches in Word document that will display as there is no indent while reading.

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EPUB stands for ‘electronic publication’ and one of the accepted formats for digital book publishing. So if you are willing to publish ebook which your can be read on your digital device then you need to make it in this EPUB format.

You can easily convert your text containing document to EPUB format that is the preferred format for reading on ebook readers. In order to convert the word document to EPUB format you need a perfect tool.

EPUB eBook creator

You can easily convert your Word document to PDF using software called E-books Creator. By the help of this software you can create eBook in few minutes. It reduces the time and efforts needed to produce ePub files. It provides all the necessary features for publishing and writing eBooks in single self contained application.

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How To Build EPUB Ebooks

Step 1: Launch the Software first and fill all the information of the Book.

You need to double click on the quick start icon on the desktop for launching the Creator. Then fill all the book information such as author, identifier, publisher, title, language, subject, date, and description.mePub-1

Step 2: Then add the cover of the book.

For this you need to Double-click on the left cover area to upload the images from the local disk and add it as your new book cover.mePub-2

Step 3: Then add the contents of the book.

For this you need to click on the Add contents button to add the files on the main interface window. The software supports more that 10 kinds of documents such as PDF, Html, MS Word, Txt, and Images.

Step 4: You can even customize the contents of tables.

To customize the content of the table you need to Right-click and import files; you can remove it by moving it up and down.


You can even rename the contents that are imported by clicking the file name shown on the list.mePub-4-2

Step 5: Builds a book.

Then Click on the Build button to create your own EPUB eBooks. Your EPUB eBook would be ready in few seconds.mePub-5

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