In this era of Internet, these days’ online videos are marking themselves as an integral part of websites. People like to watch videos over Internet and with every passing day websites adding videos online are becoming main stream. Online videos have transformed the way we watch movies, TV programs learn and communicate. Internet users are searching, browsing, viewing and sharing videos interactively.

Among several video sharing websites, YouTube is one of the most popular website which receives tens of thousands of homemade videos every day, ranging from tips on how to make your next bookshelf, to the various home-made teasers of the latest movie.

How To Create Your Own Video Sharing Website?

 create a video sharing website

If you want to create your own video sharing website like YouTube, then let me tell you that it is not an easy task to do as it requires great deal of technical expertise and enormous web resources. But as technology has progressed in the recent past, now we have something called Video Encoder Engine software using which you can easily accomplish your dream to have your own video sharing website and create one. But before we examine the features and advantages of this powerful software, let’s just talk about some of the challenges that people face when they think to create a video sharing website.

Challenges To Create A Video Sharing Website

No need to say when we are up for something, there are obviously challenges and obstacles in the path and in order to succeed we have to beat those challenges. Let’s examine some of the challenges to establish your own video sharing website –

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  • Technical Expertise – Since we are talking about websites and online videos, in order to create one, you should have good knowledge of technologies which are required to create a website such as HTML, CSS,, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, JSP, Perl and others. If you don’t know any of these languages then I wonder if you can ever create a website.
  • Database Management – Databases are an integral part of any website. It just adds a dimension to your website using which you can easily manage those data or information that your website operates. Having the knowledge of any of database technologies like, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL etc. is must if you are thinking to create a dynamic website like YouTube.
  • Resource Management – In order to host a website you need servers that could serve incoming requests and process them to give positive and proper results. And when we are talking about video sharing sites obviously there will be lots and lots of them and to store them you also need disk space on those servers. Not to forget not all users are going to share their videos in same format and size, some videos can be smaller while others can be large. So you also need a good video compression mechanism which can compress really large video files to smaller ones.

How Video Encoder Engine overcomes video sharing website creation challenges?

share video website

Since we have thoroughly discussed all major challenges that people face while creating a video sharing website, now let’s examine how Video Encoder Engine help you to overcome those challenges.

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Video Encoder Engine is one of the most advanced and powerful YouTube Clone Script which comes in combined with video sharing script. It provides you complete and effective video sharing solution along with conversion, batch upload, edit and customization of video on Windows and Linux servers. It adds video encoding algorithm on server side to use it on websites and web-application so you don’t have to write lots of code for server site scripts. Once you have the mechanism for video encoding the size of the video files reduces automatically without compromising its quality. Almost all popular video formats say, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MOV, MKV, 3GP, RM, H.264 and other HD videos can easily encoded to FLV flash video files (the format YouTube uses for its videos).

Ingenious Features of Video Encoder Engine software
  • Video Sharing Solution – It can easily batch convert popular videos formats like MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV to FLV, F4V and MP4 at the server side without losing its quality.
  • Video Editing – You can apply various editing features to your videos like trimming video clips, zooming, adding subtitles, customizing frame rate, bit rate etc.
  • Add Thumbnail & Watermarks – In order to advertise your videos you can easily add PNG water marks to it and auto create customized thumbnail images.
  • Supports HTML 5 Video Tags – No need to depend on Flash plug-in for your videos to play as it already comes in support with HTML5 based video playback system.
  • Complete Open Source Code – You don’t have to write tons of server side codes as it comes with pre-written codes in PHP, JSP, and other languages for demo sites.
  • Full Guided Installation – Configuring these kinds of software is bit difficult as there are numerous aspects that you have to keep in mind on. So to simplify its installation, it comes with visual step-by-step wizard using which is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Very Efficient – It comes with preset profiles on audio/video settings, customization and organization that save lots of energy and time.
  • Free Demo Sites – Free demo sites in PHP, ASP, are available for try which includes editing uploading and conversion of videos easily.
  • Free Life Time Technical Support – It also comes with free life-time technical support which means while using this script if you get into any kind of issue then you will get instant support from the makers of this software.

Steps To Use It:


So, now you have seen how easily you can create your own video sharing website like YouTube with Video Encoder Engine. If you are planning to create the same for a long time then without wasting any more second just try this powerful and efficient script and mark your presence on the web.

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