How to delete iPhone Data before Selling?

delete iPhone Data before SellingIn this new era of information as the iPhone is getting upgraded especially the iPhone. Under this situation users want to sell their old one to purchase the new ones. If you are selling your iPhone to someone else, the first thing that you want to do is to make sure that they won’t be able to access any of your personal data. So, how to ensure that it has completely wiped off all your personal information before selling it to other? How to protect the privacy from leaking to others?  

delete all your data from iosIn order to protect the privacy from leaking to others and it is necessary to delete all your personal information completely and permanently. Safe Eraser is powerful software which is designed to delete all the iPhone data thoroughly, and the deleted data again cannot be recovered again. With the extraordinary feature it has become more and more popular amount the iPhone users. With the help of the laudable feature the data cannot be retrieved back again once they get wiped out by the Safe Eraser even with the recovery tool.  Compared to general deletion, this data eraser provides you with more safest and effective data protection solution for all your iOS devices in few clicks. It permanently wipes out all your personal data and restores back the device to its system factory settings.

Before doing this you need to make sure that you have either has created a copy of iCloud backup or iTunes backup of your data. Because after using this software there is no way out to recover back your deleted stuffs. When you have backup your data then only proceed with this process.

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Get your iPhone start as a clean slate:

Step -1 : Run the application and connect it with your iPhone

Firstly install the SafeEraser on your system. After completion of installation you need to run the program and connect your iPhone with the computer. The program will detect the device automatically.


Step – 2:  Select any type of data erasing

Erase all data on device- You can delete all data/information and settings permanently

Erase all deleted files-You can clean only deleted files such as videos, contacts, images, messages which are not recoverable at any cost.

Then select the erase all data on the device to make your iPhone as new by cleaning the deleted files such as videos, images, contacts, messages that will be not recoverable at any cost.


Step – 3: Start to erase all data from your iOS device

You need to choose the new levels (low, medium, high) for wiping out all your data from your iPhone. You just need to select any level according to your need and then click on the “Start” button. After you click on the start button then it will ask you for the confirmation. Then you need to enter the word given in the text and click on “confirm” button. Then the program will start to erase all your data on your device.


Step – 4 : Now use your iOS device as a new one

Once this program completely erases all your data from your iPhone, your device will become a new one. You can now sell it.