Email Encryption for Microsoft Outlook

encrypt email for Microsoft outlookNow-a-days email has become essential communication tool for both individuals and business purpose. Most of the times, email contains sensitive and confidential information which needs to be protected against attackers. It is often to transmit email messages in plain text over the Internet without any email encryption form. When you are sending unencrypted email messages over internet then anyone is able to access your content and modifies its content according to their own wish. At times, you may need additional protection of your private messages from other people. Encrypted emails are similar to that of sealed envelopes protecting your crucial messages from attackers.

Microsoft Outlook email encryption helps in protecting the privacy of the messages just by converting it from readable plaintext to scrambled cipher text. So, in order to protect the privacy of your email make use of PDF Postman for Outlook software. This software ensures you that your confidential information is securely delivered. It is a practical email encryption method for MS Outlook which helps in sending secure messages easily. PDF Postman for Outlook serves to be the efficient business solution in order to send an encrypted email messages. It is the simple and effective way for sending Outlook email messages securely as it does not burden the recipient and assist you with HIPAA conformity easily.

You are able to receive PDF postman message on both mobile as well as computer without need to install any software just you require knowing the password. Using PDF envelope, your emails remain secured. Your text will be converted to PDF document then it will get attached to email. All you need that both you as well as the recipient must agree on the password. It provides very easy for changing the password and you are given the chances to protect specific emails or attachments also. It leads to be the practical business solution for sharing the information through emails secretly. This software has user friendly interface so it is beneficial for both technical as well as non-technical users.

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How to send encrypted Outlook email message:

  • It is simple to use the Email Encryption and PDF add-in for Microsoft Outlook- PDF Postman provides to be an efficient and business practical solution on solving the problem of how to send protected encrypted email messages or attachments. This is the most simple and widely compatible method to send encrypted files or messages from Outlook as it doesn’t burden the recipient and assists you with HIPAA conformity easily.

  •  As the email recipient of PDF Postman will see in their Inbox.
  • It is the simplest method in order to send secure messages on any device.
  • File attachments can be easily sent by recipients and able to edit them as soon as they enter the password.
  • It sends encrypted messages easily to the recipient on Mac, Windows, mobile or Linux platforms where PDF is supported.
  • With strong AES-128 or AES-256 bit encryption, file attachments and emails remains protected.
  • This software is compatible with encryption of major PDF viewers such as adobe reader.
  • AES encryption is an approved NIST in order to protect government documents.
  • You don’t require private key or complex certificates, no need to install any special software for downloading purpose by recipients. It even does not require any subscription fees.

  • With the help of setting menu, you can customize the PDF postman cover message from the template page.