PDF files format is very popular as it is compatible on every platform whether it is Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS. PDF documents are used for sharing innovative ideas and thoughts, filling forms, storing sensitive information, etc. It is one of the handiest and portable documents formats that are shareable on the internet, you can send or receive attachments in PDF formats via emails that contains informatics data. Most of the companies and businessman use this file format for sharing and transferring the data through emails or over the internet.

But at the same time if you have not secured your PDF documents with a password than anybody can easily copy, print or edit the contents of your documents. Therefore it is necessary to secure your PDF documents with the password that will help in protecting your files from others from being copied.

This was just for protecting your common documents but there are big companies and businesses where you have to deal with sensitive information of the companies at such cases normally protecting your documents will not be enough in such cases you must encrypt PDF files that will provide one more security layer layers.

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While you encrypt your documents the content which is in plain text will turn to the zigzag method or the data gets overwritten with another and therefore the user or hackers cannot copy or read the contents of your encrypted PDF files. Take a note that when you create encrypted PDF documents and send it to concern person then you must not forget to share the password with the recipient or else he will not be able to decrypt it. Now let us know how you can encrypt or decrypt a pdf file.

How to encrypt or decrypt PDF files

To encrypt or to decrypt PDF documents you will require the third party software. One of the professional and appropriate software is PDF security which will help you in encrypting and decrypting the documents that are protected with a password.

Let us know how we can encrypt the PDF documents – As I earlier mentioned that you have to share the password with the recipient for decrypting the encrypted documents. So, it is very easy to decrypt the PDF files you have to just enter the correct password, but sometimes it happens when you forget or you don’t have the password to open the files at such cases PDF security comes in handy and important that easily removes the password from the password protected PDF documents. And thereafter you can easily read, edit, print, copy, etc.

Now, let us know how we can encrypt the PDF files – Though you can create the encrypted documents by using Adobe Acrobat, there you have to follow various manual methods and it is complicated for several users and it also consumes more time. So the second alternative methods to encrypt your pdf a document quickly and instantly is to use PDF security software. This software will provide you with owner and user password, allow you to completely encrypt your documents, provides 40 to 128-bit encryption security and much more.

Steps to Encrypt PDF File

Step 1: Download, Run and Install this PDF Security Tool
Step 2: To encrypt any PDF file, click on the add “files button” and go to the PDF Encrypt tab. Click on the “Encrypt” button to start the encryption process.


Step 3: Save you password list.


Step 4: Provide information like Title, Subject, Author, Keywords for output PDF.


Add Watermark to PDF File

The Watermark option allows you to add watermark to output documents


If you have a collection of PDF documents that contain sensitive information of your business or companies and want to provide one more layer for security purpose or if you have forgotten or want to remove restriction from password protect PDF files then without wasting any time download PDF security software now.

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