How to Encrypt Files and Folders

folder-lockBy encrypting your files and folders you can protect your data from unauthorized access. If you want to keep anything out from your aggressive competitors or the roommates then you can easily encrypt the file that is only accessed by the holder. It is very important to protect your important file or the folders that contain some important data. If you are looking for a perfect way to keep your files and folders secure on your Windows computer, then you need a powerful software that have the option that you need in order to protect it. Folder Lock is an ideal software that allow you to encrypt/lock your files and folders but you can even backup your encrypted data to your online account. You can keep your data synced at every time so that you need not worry about the confidentiality of your data and the data loss. Apart from the encryption and secure backup of your files and folders it offers you additional data protection features such as Make Wallets, Lock Files, Protect USB / CD, Shred Files, and Clean the History. This software can encrypt any kind of files such as whole folders and subfolders.

It enables you to encrypt large number of files and folders. By using the Military Standard 256-bit AES encryption to secure your files, by encrypting your important files it gives you a complete peace of mind. It even guarantees that you data are unrecoverable or inaccessible from the hard drive. It offers more additional option including the secure backup, backup all the encrypted file to the secure backup account, secure at any time, re-adjust Locker size.

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How to encrypt files and folders

To encrypt your files and folders you need to create a Locker. To create locker move to ‘Encrypt Files‘ feature present in the Folder Lock and simply hit the ‘Create Locker‘ button on top menu.

locker-list-openedIt will create your Locker.  It is a simple encrypted storage file which uses government-level 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to keep and secure your files or folders present inside it. It can store large number of files and can be easily added in ‘Secure Backup‘ so that it can backup automatically and can shift to any portable drive.

Additionally the Lockers are undeletable without the correct password so you can ensure that your data dump into it will remain theft-proof, private, and loss-proof.

As soon as you click on ‘Create Locker’ button, it will start the Locker creation wizard.  The Locker creation wizard will starts with a permission to input you’re ‘Locker Path‘. The Locker path will be shown in your computer’s My Documents folder by default. Once you have selected your ‘Locker Path’,  just hit on ‘Next’ to continue the next step now you’ll be asked to enter Locker password details.

create-locker-password-screenIn ‘Set Locker Password‘ field, enter password for your Locker. Note that THIS PASSWORD IS UNRECOVERABLE so make sure that your password is hard to guess and easy to remember. Your password must be at least 1 character short and maximum of 256 characters.  You can Alphanumeric, ASCII, Non-ASCII, or special characters to set your password.

A Virtual Keyboard is available so that you can enter the Locker password without worrying about your password being hacked by the Keystroke recorder or the Keyloggers. As soon as you have set and confirmed Locker Password, just hit on ‘Next’ to continue the next step in you need to identify what Locker you want to create. You get two unique Locker types: 1) Portable Locker 2) Basic Locker.  The wizard will choose Portable Locker by default.

You can also keep the Portable Locker if you want to backup your encrypted files to protect your backup account using Folder Lock’s ‘Secure Backup‘ service. Note: Portable Locker is of FAT32 file system, so you cannot store a file more than 4GB in this Locker.

But if you want to choose Locker without any secure backup support, then choose Basic Locker in Step 3. This locker will allow you to encrypt and secure your files of any size. If you have chosen USB drive or other external drive as Locker destination then it will create your Locker file and a Folder Lock convenient.exe file.

Once you have selected the Locker type, hit the ‘Next‘ to continue the next step where it ask to choose the data size you want to secure your Locker. Note Locker size CANNOT be changed in future, select maximum size for your data.

Wizard will provide you data-size ranges which you can choose from drop-down list in ‘Choose Size‘ field. After finishing the setting up the size of Locker, click on ‘Next‘ button to start the Locker creation process.