How to Encrypt Messages in Outlook?

encrypt your outlook mesages

There are countless number of users out there who sends and receives e-mails by using MS Outlook. It is obvious that many of them just send message as plain text. But sometimes you may require some additional security to your private message from other users. There are many reasons for that like writing personal e-mails to friends or family, informing them about bank account details or mailing a card details to pay the bill, etc. Whatever may be the reason – encrypting mail are like sealed envelopes that provide much more security to your e-mails.

MS Outlook messages when encrypted it secure the privacy of the messages by converting your plaint messages into scrambled or overwritten ciphertext. In this blog you will come to know how to send Encrypted messages in Outlook.

In order to send and open encrypted messages, both the recipient and senders must share a digital ID, this is for encrypting and decrypting messages, as it contains the private key on the senders’s computer including a certificate along with a public key. The certificate is sent with a digitally signed mail. The recipient saves the certificate and he uses the public key to encrypt messages. Hence it means that both sender and recipient has to must send the digitally signed messages, which allow then to add certificates to Outlook contacts and from then it is likely to send encrypted mails.

Before it becomes possible for you to start encrypting and decrypting messages in Outlook, both the senders and recipient has to get personal mail certificate. E-mails or messages encrypted with certificate signify the recipient about the authenticity of the message or e-mails and keep it secure and unreadable from others. Let’s now know how we can encrypt single e-mail in Outlook.

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How to Encrypt Messages in Outlook

Ms Outlook has provided this feature so that you can easily encrypt your personal or sensitive messages or attachments and keep your messages protected for others. Follow the below step to encrypt the e-mail and their attachments.

Step 1 – When you write any new mail, go to Option and then click More Options.

Step 2 – From the next window click “Security settings

Step 3 – From the Security Properties window tick mark the box “Encrypt message content and attachments

It’s done, now you have to just write the mail and send it.

It is also possible that you can leave this setting as default, if you want to send all messages in encrypted format. From now onward you have to just type or attach file and the message will get received by recipient in encrypted form, but as is informed earlier that both the sender and recipient has to get the digital ID in order to decrypt the encrypted mails. How you can leave this setting as default is mentioned below:

Step 1 – From the MS Outlook File menu, click Options now from the Trust centre Tab click Trust center Settings.

Step 2 – A new window will get open, Click on e-mail security and then tick mark the box Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages option.

Step 3 – Click on OK to save changes.

It’s done, from now onwards your all outgoing messages from Outlook will be send as encrypted form.

NOTE: The screenshots were taken from MS Outlook 2013, however the option name and location is all similar in both Outlook 2010 and 2007.

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Tools we recommend

It is obvious that you would try the above mentioned steps to send encrypted messages from your Outlook account but if you want to send encrypted messages quickly and instantly without following the above steps, because many users find these steps to be difficult to follow or they are not able to perform such steps then at such cases you can install a professional third party software that is PDF postman that is designed to send your sensitive and personal messages in encrypted form.  This message send by this software can be opened on any platform like Android, Linux, Mac, Window and you can easily decrypt and read them. It easy to use and does not require prior technical information to operate it and it supports in all Outlook version 97 – 2013. So, if your are for quick and instant solution for sending encrypted messages then you must grab PDF postman.