How to fix computer freezes randomly

computer freezesDo you often encounter with Computer freezes randomly? Is your computer freezes randomly? Your computer shutdown but your CPU still runs. It is very annoying thing for very computer users when working their computer often crashes from time to time. It is very frustrated and infuriated when your computer freezes and worst part is that you cannot do anything. You have no idea how to fix the PC. But now you can easily fix your PC.  A blue screen appears, computer cannot boot, no response, mouse and keyboard not working, software running abnormally. The computer freezes due to many reasons and you can never escape from it. Main reason behind the computer freezes randomly

Bad heat

When monitors and CPU gets overheat while working, a good ventilation is very important. Working for long hours can cause computer freezes randomly. Cooling the CPU is related to the stability of computers running with main issues but the thermal failure can “disastrous.”

Killer dust

Dust inside you computer can also cause freeze your system. Such as the CD-ROM laser head and floppy contaminates too much dust can lead to Computer freezes randomly.

Equipment Incompatible

If the CPU doesn’t matches the old motherboard then it can lead to computer freezes randomly.

RAM or Random Access Memory is where the computer stores their data so that you can easily access your data. When there is not enough memory then computer can freeze.

Solution: Increase your RAM by buying more or removing some unwanted data.

How to remove the file that is causing issue in your Computer

Follow the below steps:

Click on Start>Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance>System.

Now move to “Advanced” tab, hit “Settings.” and then go to “Virtual Memory” under Advanced tab. Then hit on Change. Under “Drive [Volume Label]” click on drive with paging file you need to change. It will be your C: drive.

Under the “Paging file size,” click “Custom size.” Enter the amount of memory that you need to save for Virtual memory. Enter the initial and the maximum size values.

Click on “Set.”

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Clutter on a computer is caused by Registry.

What is a Registry?

A registry is a database which contains your computer’s details i.e., hardware/software configuration, the installed/uninstalled programs, files created, deleted or modified, downloads you made, and so on.

In a simple word everything you do in your computer is saved in its Registry but it creates a lot of junk, clutter which slows down your operating system.

File Fragmentation

Fragmentation is when the files are thrown all over the hard drive. Whenever you access a file on your computer it searches entire hard drive to search the pieces of the files. Sometime the Fragmentation slows your computer down because in the search of different components of a file when you access it.


Spyware or the adware are also the common reason behind the computers freeze. When you surf the web things called cookies are drooped in your computer to recognize you. Cookies store all the information about you what you have in your shopping cart. Some cookies are harmless.

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How to fix computer freezes randomly

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