Windows 7 has inbuilt driver support for several numbers of device driver, but there are various hardware devices that need extra drivers to work properly and hence, if a hardware that is installed in or attached to a PC is not working properly, then it’s often due to driver problem.

So, in this article post I have provided the general and direct solution to troubleshoot and fix common drivers problems in Windows 7. There are several problems mentioned below while you are running Windows 7 on computer:

  • It results in slowing down your PC’s performance.
  • It is expected that peripheral devices like scanners and printers will not work properly.
  • It causes peripheral device either hanging or shutting down intermittently. It may also result in restarting.
  • When you try to use devices such as a printer, Bluetooth etc, you may get error messages.
  • DVD drive not found.
  • And more.

When you face the above-mentioned problems then the first step you need to do is to use built-in and free Driver Verifier Manager tool.

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1. Troubleshooting Windows 7 Driver Problem With Driver Verifier Manager

Below Download Driver Detective Tool To Fix  Windows 7 Driver Problems

Launching the Driver Verifier Manager

In order to launch Driver Verifier Manager, click Start button and type Verifier in search bar and hit ENTER.

After this you will see Command Prompt window at blink and then the Driver Manager will launch and get displayed on your PC as shown in the image below.

You can see that Create Standard Settings option is selected by default and actually this is the best option in most of the cases to start with. This option selects the standard set of driver verification options.

However, later if you decide to perform more specific tests, then you can select Create Custom Setting option. However, this option is actually made for developers.

Once, you are done with troubleshooting you will have to disable the Driver Verifier Manager. To do so you have to select the option “Delete Existing Settings”.

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How to Use the Create Standard Settings Option

After selecting the option Create Standard Settings, click Next – a new window will get option that will ask you to select the drivers that you want to test as it is shown in the image below.

Here, you can select the option “Automatically Select Unsigned Drivers” because unsigned drivers are the most likely culprit else you can also select “Automatically Select All Drivers Installed on This Computer” option. When you select the option Automatically Select All Drivers Installed on This Computer, then Next button change to Finish button and you will be prompted to restart your PC. So, simply restart your computer.

After this you see the list of drivers that are not signed or creating problems.

When the particular driver problems are identified by the Driver Verifier then you can make an attempt to fix these driver problems just by driver reinstallation. But still, you can access them then they may be available from the manufacturers’ website.

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2. Fixing the Windows 7 Driver Problems With Driver Detective Tool

But, when Driver Verifier Manager does not provide you help and you are not sure about the cause and source of the problems then you can download our recommended Driver Detective software in order to run a free scan on your system. Thus, you will get a free driver report and then if you want, you can select it to register in order to get automatic driver updates.

Driver Detective software will help you to:

  • Find the right driver for your system.
  • Create driver backup.
  • Fix driver related issue very fast and automatically.
  • Access to 20 million device associated drivers.

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Below, find out how to use Driver Detective Tool:

How To Use Driver Detective Software

Step 1 – Welcome Screen

Step 2 – Scan

Step 3 – Available Driver Update

Step 4 – Driver Details

Step 5 – Integrated Customer support

Step 6 – Driver Backup


You can use any of the above mentioned tools such as Driver Verifier Manage or Driver Detective Software to troubleshoot and fix driver problems in Windows 7. However, the expert recommendation is that you must use Driver Detective.

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