How to fix USBVideo.sys Error?

fix USBVideo.sys ErrorUSBVideo.sys file is known as USB Video class driver, it supports data communication between your system and with the USB-powered video device. This driver enables communication through PCI bus which can be handled and accessed with the software.

Usbvideo.sys is provided by the Microsoft as an AVStream minidriver which offers driver support for USB class (UVC) drives which contains webcam or digital camcorder. If your device is UVC enabled then you need not to prepare own driver. By default the device works with system built-in driver automatically.

With the presence of USBVideo.sys file on the windows system you don’t need to compile the drivers instead you need to stream hardware in line with the USB Device Class Definition for Video Devices Specification. This driver efficiently checks the hardware directly for capabilities and then drives the device.

USBVideo.sys file is a bridge between hardware and software. If this file is not present then both the video hardware and its data input will recognize each.  This can terminate the video data with the system and lead to break down, hang of machine.

How to reinstall USBVideo.sys?

If you have utilized the USB video and get error messages with USBVideo.sys file you need to reinstall this driver to utilize the SFC (System File Checker).

  1. Firstly you need to disconnect any of your USB video devices from the USB ports on your system.
  2. Then you need to insert the Windows disc into the DVD drive on your system. Then you need to click on “Cancel” button on the “Autorun” window.
  3. Then you need to click on the “Start,” and enter “CMD” in the “Start-Search” box.
  4. Then you need to Right-click on the “Command Prompt” from the search results list. Then click on the “Run as administrator.”
  5. Then you need to click on the “Yes” button from the “User Account Control” screen. This will let you to run the Windows Command Prompt. You can even download a copy of   USBVideo.sys from DLL TOOL and reinstall it and register it under the installation and registration wizard section without any trouble of execution.

What are USBVideo.sys errors?

If you have erased USBVideo.sys from the system as it causes computer to shut down with blue screen. This occur when the problem is with usbvideo.sys, this same issue can occur with irregular intervals FAILURE_ BUCKET_ ID: X64_ 0x50_ usbvideo ! Load Power Line Frequency + 2eb can also be reported.

Common causes of USBVideo.sys errors

There are four different reasons that lead to USBVideo.sys BSOD problem

  •   Third party driver issues
  •   Hardware issues;
  •   Compatibility issues;
  •   Windows issues

These are the most common reason for USBVideo.sys BSOD problem you can simply overwrite this with a new download by first uninstalling the old one and then installing with a new one from the official website or from DLL Tool.

Tips to troubleshoot USBVideo.sys errors

The problems of windows basically you can resolve this problem by running the SFC.EXE /SCANNOW to check the system files or repair installation or completely wipe it off from the hard drive and clean installation of your Windows.

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To perform SFC, you need to follow these steps:

Firstly you need to Start – type in Search box -> CMD, find it at the top of list – then RIGHT CLICK on it – RUN AS ADMIN

Enter: SFC /scannow, there is a space after C and before /; after it completes – Reboot. For avoiding this trouble you need to repair it with the help of DLL Repair Tool. Reimage Repair Tool is the best DLL Repair Tool that efficiently fixes corrupt or damaged DLL’s. This operates upon your system and restricts malfunctioning and crashing of the system.