How To Fix Virus Damage in PC Registry?

windows  registry

As you all know that Windows is quiet complicated system that is capable of managing a huge number of operations at once. Just like other complicated systems, it also needs a central management database to perform all such operations. Windows registry is actually the core database within Windows that keeps all the settings for every single bit of your hardware, software, and user profiles. Each and every activity performing in your system is actually recorded in it like Change your wallpaper – the registry gets updated, change your browser homepage – the registry reflects the change, install a new program – it writes its settings to the registry, uninstall it later on – the registry gets modified again, so this means the system registry is a database which Windows OS uses to store information about the computer configuration.

The registry keeps the data to which a Windows OS refers when operating:

  • users’ profiles; 
  • properties of folders and program icons; 
  • Information about the used ports.
  • information about the installed programs and types of documents created by each program; 
  • configuration of drivers installed in the OS; 

Have you ever think that what will happen if your windows registry is infected with virus. As it is common issue that your system is no longer same if once virus comes into your system. Inspite of removing it from your system you can easily see its side effects can’t be ignored for long time. The symptoms may be different but the overall the final result is that your computer doesn’t work the way it used before.

You are thinking that why all these are happening as if you have already wiped out virus from your pc. Then clear you doubt that technically, your computer might no longer be infected with virus, but that doesn’t mean it’s error-free.

And it is such a hard task to remove the virus from the Windows System Registry, because it’s not easy to find the exact location of the virus along with that it is quiet danger to edit the data inside the registry. Your one enters or delete wrong key, data or value, might make your Windows unable to run. If you want to make a check for any unwanted program loaded into the memory when Windows start.

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Run Microsoft Registry Editor – RegEdit.exe to change the registry data. Then click the start button then hit the Run… icon. When the Run windows appear, into the open textbox type ‘RegEdit’ and click OK button.


There are chances that you might be enable to open RegEdit because the virus blocks it. So in such situation bring up your Windows in Safe Mode to run the RegEdit. You may also need to login the Administrator account so for that you must know your Administrator account’s password when you buy new system.


Microsoft System Configuration Utility MSConfig.exe keeps entries of Start-Up programs and along with that System Registry has Run, RunOnce and RunOnceEx entry nodes to manage the system tasks sequentially.

First, you need to check for any starting programs inside the HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE.


Go down to the node in

HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion, then search for the for program entry inside the Run, RunOnce and RunOnceEX. If you find sometime that is relevant then just type the program name .exe into the following Search box and you will get the complete information of that item and if this item is the virus or spyware, then you can delete it.

The above procedure has to be repeated a few times with different keys following different paths, stated beneath.



Even if you deleted the entry from System Registry Editor some virus will restore the entry later or reboot, so to kill those virus you needs special tool for it.

So if these steps don’t work for it and problem continuous in your system then you must go with third party repair tool that is Reimage repair tool. It gives protection from malwares as well as it is PC repair utility software. It is the best that helps the user to fight against daily problems that arises including malware infection and other kind of software issues.