Fixing the Windows Explorer Crash or Freeze in Windows 7


Windows Explorer or the File Explorer present in Windows OS that help you to browse our files, folders and other data stored in your operating system. But user may come across freezing and crashing in Windows 7 users. But if you want to tackle this problem then follow the below steps.  You may get the error message Windows Explorer has stopped working: But by the help of this tutorial you can fix up the Windows Explorer Crash or Freeze in Windows 7.

Windows Explorer crashes or freezes

1) First of all check that your Windows is up-to-date. After this scan your operating system for malware. If you have new Windows 7 or Windows 8 laptop, then some pre-installed application are interfering with explorer.exe. Remove them from your system.

2) Check your  System Restore resolve the issue.

3) Run Check Disk.

4) Disable Preview Pane in your Windows Explorer and check out whether it helps you out or not. To disable Preview Pane hit on Organize > Layout > Preview Pane.

5) Disable the Thumbnails and look whether this resolve the issue or not. To do so open the folder option > View tab > Check  Always show Icons, never thumbnail. And remove check from the option to Display file icon on thumbnails. Hit on Apply/OK.

6) If you are using Windows Vista, then disable UAC temporarily and look whether it helped you or not.

7) You can disable DEP or NoExecute Protection. Note that Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature which helps to rpoe4tct your computer from viruses and other threats. Some harmful programs can attack Windows to execute code reserved for Windows or other program. This attack can really harm your programs and files. DEP monitor your programs and protect your computer. If DEP find any program using the memory improperly then it close the program and notify you. To do this Run the command prompt as Administrator. Then copy, paste bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and hit Enter:

It also helps Windows Vista.

8) Run a folder windows and check whether it is helpful or not. To do so, open Explorer. Hit Organize > Folder & Search Options > View > Advanced Settings > Check ‘Launch folder windows in a separate process’ > Apply > OK.

9) Installed Add-ons are generally the danger we are looking for. So check whether you have installed any helpers or add-ons to your explorer. And if so then uninstall them sometime even the3rd-party shell extensions cause Explorer to crash.

10) Sometime the outdated or corrupt video drivers can even cause Windows Explorer to stop working. To fix the issue you can update your drivers and look whether it helped you or not.

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But if you still find this error on your computer then the last option left with you is to use a third party repair.  Reimage software provides full protection to your computer. To resolve the issue related to the computer freezes randomly you can use this software.

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